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My little Princess Celeste

Mummie has finali decided to set up a blog for me!!! though late, but better than never...heehee... mummie has too much to complain bout me tat she has decided to pen them down for me as evidence in future when i can read...arghhhhh...petty mummie...

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Little one on local fashion blog

By Mummy :

This post has got to supercede the ten that i just listed on my to-do cos if i wait til later, i might just forget the link or remember that it ever happened...

Just recently, Sis managed to get the tickets to the Singapore Flyer and so I took leave to take Cel for the flight. Little one was happy cos its her FIRST time and im glad too since we din have to cough up the $$$ to go on the flyer.. tickets are not cheap! and after been on it, i wont tink i will spend the $$$ to go unless its FOC of cos... :) HB was working so gota give it a miss, has told sis to continue balloting for the tickets and if we do get it again, we will do the night ride together... On the journey to Cityhall to meet sis, Little one fell asleep ( was her naptime ). I had to carry her fr the bus to take the MRT cos i took the wrong bus and it doesnt stop at CityHall.. Thankfully Cel woke up at CityHall and spared my arms the ache, shes 18.5kg now!!!

While waiting for sis and Brennen, a young lady came and ask if she cld take a pic of Cel so i allowed her. Cel 'forced' a smile for her in her very drowsy mode heehee.. the lady then gave me a link to her web and said she does a fashion blog. sounds interesting and so i checked the blog few days later and saw the posting :) its nice seeing our little one on someone's blog and of cos, being praised for having great taste :D

here's the posting :

isn't she just the cutest? i love her stripped trapeze top paired with skinny jeans and the loveliest black shoes adorned with ribbons. keeping her straight hair in place with a floral headband, she pulls off the parisian chic look to a tee. her mom has great taste! and that's one thing i can't wait to do if i have kids - dress them :) she was a little shy because her mom said she just woke up but later when i bumped into them again, a bright smile lit up her face.

stitching out with love, Nicole Then

After the M-I-A, here comes the brunt...

Been MIA-ing for a year!!!
No good reasons why though... just been very lazy :P
ok, enough of been lazy, time to get myself back in action and update this blog for my little princess... im sure she will be glad to read of the little anecdotes when she grows up, so i better start blogging :)

The few posts that i will get myself to update for the past year would be :

1) Sister's wedding in Dec 2008 ( its many moons ago BUT has to be updated! Cel was the flower girl and she looked too cute to be missed! )

2) Little princess's 3rd birthday! ( OMG, and it was 2mths ago that she aldy celebrated her 4th! )

3) Taiwan trip in May 2009 ( the FIRST trip of the few that Cel starts to have memories of )

4) Princess make-over in Aug'09

5) KL trip in Dec 2009 ( Cel and her beloved bath tub )

6 ) Xmas 2009

7) Nursery 2 at Glory

8) Little princess turning 4

9) CNY2010

10) Macau/HK trip wfout the dad - Feb10

okay, tats ten on the list *gulps*
will try to strike some off the list this weekend, i need to get working :)

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Celeste's first day at school

By Mummy :

This post is wayyyyyy overdue but still i had better get it down cos its an IMPORTANT day to remember... its our little girl's first day in school!!!

Date :2nd Jan 2009
Event : Cel's first day of school
School : Glory Kindergarten
Class : N1 Hope ( PM )

As this day approached, i was getting all excited and geared up wondering how our little one will react in school... part of me was hoping for her to be reali brave ( no crying ) and to enjoy herself, the other part of me was hoping for her to cry!!! so that i cld be there to comfort her and tell her not to be scared :p HB said i was crazy... hahaha Anyway all of us were reali excited over it and Cel herself was cackling and giggling the whole morning... While waiting for the school bus, Daddie was busy filiming his little princess on video. He even wanted to film the whole process of Cel gettin on and off the school bus!!! Cos the school bus only allowed one adult, he drove MIL tog to the school to wait for our bus. As the bus drove into the school compound, I saw HB with his camera filiming and waiting at the door to film Cel getting down... this daddie... *faint* While Cel was playing together with her classmates, Daddie couldnt stop filiming either... i seriously dun know how many videos he took that day... hahaha tho i found it abit over the top at tat moment, but when we viewed them later on it certainly was something very memorable and nice!
Little one did not cry!!! She is reali our brave girl... she played well wf her frens and listened attentively to her teachers. She was responding well to the teachers except for the chinese teacher... Cel could not speak chinese at all tho she understands... The teacher noticed it and told MIL not to worry, she promised that 3months later, Cel will be speaking chinese to which she reali did! :) yay!!! she sings chinese songs as well now...
When it was time for lunch, we followed behind and watch Cel walk to the eatery with her frens. As the teacher led them to say grace, Cel followed suit and clamped her little hands tog with her eyes closed... that instant, my eyes swelled up wf tears... it was just too sweet a sight :) Little one is certainly very happy wf her eyes gleaming with joy... Daddie and Mummie are certainly glad that Cel's first day at school went reali well :)

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Little memories documented

Mummy speaks :

Sorry for the looooong absence and delay in blogging... half of 2009 has flown by and yet my last entry was at Xmas 2008!!! * self slap lightly * must start to get some work done before i cant remember wat has been happening... doesnt help that work has been extremely stressful tis year and causing me to be very grumpy, lazy and tired :( but well, just tis week i told myself i must start to get those dark clouds behind me and move on. work is afterall work... wats more impt is my family :)

Just for a start, wana document some of Celeste's antics and conversations :

1) Heart warming antic :

Cel has been waking up early every morning to send Mummie to the bus interchange. She obviously looks tired and sleepy but will drag herself up and lie down on the sofa while i get ready. So my helper and Cel walks me there... Cel will grab the papers for me and then kiss me goodbye before i board the bus. This morning while nearing the interchange, i saw tat my bus was there aldy and since i was rushing, i ran off but not before telling her i need to go. While running, i heard my little ger shouting non stop : Mummie bye bye! On the bus, i called home to make sure she was safe at home, she was crying!!! When asked why, she said : I haven said I LOVE YOU... awwwwwwww.... I was instantly soooo sorry tat i had to run for the bus, shld have skipped tat bus and heard tat magical sentence fr my little ger...

2) Heart wrenching :

With Cel starting pre nursery tis year, her body's immunity started to take a step back. After 2 months, she started falling sick almost monthly... currently on her 3rd round of antibiotics, shes reali vulnerable to throat infections* heartpain* Well, blame it on me... i allowed her to eat durian for 3 times in a week, and i din give her salt water... lesson learnt!!! anyway cos Cel was sick wf fever, Daddie as usual took leave to stay home wf her, she was sooooo happie and stuck to Daddie. It makes me sad cos she will ask me : Mummie, are u going to office today? Can you stay at home to look after me? im sick... Told my colic bout it and she said the only way is to buy Toto and if i strike, voila! can retire aldy! haha... i heeded the advice and bought for a week, no luck at all, not even 3 numbers... how to retire??? so, i stopped buying and continued working... sorry Cel, Mummie could oni make it up to u at nite :(

3) Funny conversation :

On the phone -
Mummy : im sick celeste...
Cel : tell ur boss to let u go home la!
Mummy : cannot lei...
Cel : *big sigh* ok, never mind, i will ask the police to catch your boss tomorrow!
Mummy : hahahahaha

Mummy : im stil in the office, cant go home yet... gota OT
Cel : ( in a very soft and secretive tone ) later when ur boss is lookin at the computer, u slowly quietly crawl on the floor and go home, dun let ur boss see u...
Mummy : * rolls eyes* too much tv!!!

ok, Part 2 will be in another post... gota get back to work :p but before tat, here's a pic of my princess taken recently :)

Monday, March 02, 2009

Xmas 2008

Its the time of the year again to be merry and jolly! Xmas has always been a very nice season for my family and I... Xmas 2008 was filled wf gatherings and pressies :) Our xmas tree is up!
These 3 decor balls were hung by me and i call them FAMILY! Daddie and Mummie were reali over the moon cos i kept going its FAMILY - Daddie, Mummie and Celeste! And i make sure that the 3 balls are there every morning when i wake up.
Mummie says : It reali was a pleasant surprise to hear you say 'family' since we haven't reali taught you this word :) At times you actuali held Daddie and Mummie by the neck, pulled our face close to you and proudly say " We are family ". You do it everywhere, be it at home or while outside. On lookers will smile and say : so sweet! Indeed you are such a sweetie and you definitely light up Daddie and Mummie's life!
Xmas shopping at Taka... always the best place for Mummie to clear her shopping list.

Annual xmas gathering wf my buddies. Tis year was held by Auntie Carol and Uncle Keith..
Xmas gathering at Auntie Danielle's house. Here's me being the little drummer wf Didi Ian's new drum set...

Yes, long awaited boxing day is here!
Mummie and I with our 'Family'...
First present to unwrap - from Daddie and Mummie..
Its Princess Ariel!!!

I think its my fave Princess Ariel stuff again - from Ah yi and Uncle Brennen...

Finally... all unwrapped! Thanks to everyone for your pressies!

Bits of everything

Here is a little bit of catching up on my updates...

Hide and seek has been a very nice game lately and i am gettin really smart at where to hide!!! i go into cupboards and under the quilt lying flat which makes it hard for my parents to find me heehee... here's one pic tat Mummie took and she just can't stop laughing when she saw where i hid... What's that hump??? It's me!!! Caught by Mummie in between the sheets... argh... This was taken on the Sentosa bus, had wanted a picnic but weather wasn't good... thus we lounged at the coffee house and took the bus around the island. Here's a smiley drawn by Mummie cos i was askin her to do one. it clearly indicates my mood :) wat's more, we had company!!! Didi Ian and Gene came, as well as Auntie Fiona and Auntie Chao Zhen...
Didi Ian all covered up...
And Didi Gene wf Auntie Fiona... Random shot of me slulrping my milk... Recently, Mummie says im not a baby anymore and so, went the teats... i now use a Mickey Mouse straw for my milk :)
Cheeky me wf Daddie dearest... look at how i have 'decorated' Daddie's face wf my stickers.. At Boat Quay waiting to fetch Mummie from work... Nice scenery wf boats and buildings... kept asking Daddie to bring me on the ferry to which of cos my proposal was rejected! :s

East coast park outing... supposed to be just cycling but playful me went dashing to the beach and ended up in a mess! well, messy is fun :) Daddie was on all alert cos i was fascinated with the waves and was running into the water. Daddie got rather wet and sticky thus we headed home straight to change before heading out for dinner...Good! Good! i was going thumbs up cos Mummie allowed me to savour roasted pig for the first time! not too oily cos Mummie scrapped away wat ever fats she could see and it was crispy and yummilicious! i wanted more but of cos Mummie din allow so it was just tat one slice... anyone else gettin married? i want roasted pig!!!Can you find me??? haha, when Daddie took tis pic, he mms it to Mummie and ask if she could find me, it sure brightened up Mummie's day in the office...

It was Barney in town and cos it was also performing at BPP which was just a walk across, Daddie and Nainai took me there though i have already seen it earlier at another mall. It created a scare nonetheless... cos it was crowded wf children and i wasn't exactly tall, when it was dismissal time, it was chaos! Daddie had earlier on instructed NaiNai to stand at the other exit but she thought i had gone to Daddie and thus came back to the other exit to find that i wasn't there!!! panic!!! Daddie was all worried and looking around until i tapped him from the back and called : Daddie! Big sigh of relief...

Monday, February 23, 2009

Celeste's FIRST Disney show LIVE

By Mummie :

Our little girl has been very 'princessy' since August 2008 ... It all started with her princess story books which we read to her every night. Then she got hooked when Ah yi bought her a DVD showing Princess Ariel. And yes, Ariel was her fave princess of all... she can watch the DVD daily even though on lookers like us could even tell what the next lines were gona b. She even got us to call her 'Princess Celeste' :) haha, girls are forever girls... of cos, we followed her majestic order and made her happy. At times when we forgot, she will get angry and place her arms on her royal hips and say : call me Princess Celeste! oops! fiesty princess we have here... heehee...
By chance, i found out that there was this Disney show that will feature three princess tales - Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and Snow White. There three stories were familiar to Cel and thus i got the tickets. Cheapo Mummie thot Daddie wont b interested in such girly shows so i oni bought 2 tickets, save money!!! Anyway HB said that he wont really appreciate so he would wait for us outside while we gers enjoy ourselves heehee...
True enuf, Cel enjoyed herself to the fullest at the show! she was all fascinated wf the props and lightings. When Snow White was to be offered that poisonous apple, Cel was frantically waving her hand and saying: NO! NO! so cute!
HB caused 2 hiccups tat nite though 1) he forgot to pass me the camera and i had to take these pics wf my poor resolution camera... 2) he forgot to pass me the cash he was supposed to and i was cash-less!!! poor cel could oni look wf envy at the other kids enjoying their HUGE candy floss and rainbow looking ice balls served in pretty cups.. i felt so super sorry but there was nothing i could do, there wasn't any ATM machine there and they do not accept nets/credit card - only CASH. argh... could only get Cel to make do wf tat one lollipop i had prepared for her :( sorry darling! )But cos i msg HB and told him bout Cel's dissapointment, he managed to sneak in at the foyer area after the show and bought Cel a Princess Belle cup wf a rainbow ice ball inside. Happy princess celeste i had tat nite :)

Little one obviously all captivated by the stage...

Poster ad for the next Disney on Ice show - and yes, Daddie has bought the tickets and we are all going together this time! Making do wf that small lolly throughout the show while drooling over others' candy floss and ice balls... thankfully, cel din whine and fuss...Princess Belle cup that came wf an ice ball made Cel's day...
Til then, looking forward to our Disney on Ice show in March 09!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Mid Autumn 2008

haha, yes ... its another back dated entry...
since we have now stepped into 2009, Mummie has decided to force herself to update my blog... she has been busy wf work and it doesnt help tat our helper went on home leave for 3 long weeks... now that our helper is back, Mummie is taking this opportunity to finish up those old entries before it piles up...

Mid Autumn was rather eventful... My parents brot me to Chinatown and Daddie got me a first ever lantern tat needs a candle to light it up!!! Bye bye to battery operated ones :) We had a first lantern walk prior to the actual day while at ah yi's house... on the actual day itself, Daddie and Mummie brot me to the park in our estate and it was kinda dark... but fret not, we had our lanterns to light up the way... the walk was rather nice except tat there were mozzies and Mummie got attacked by them... thus the trip was shortened. i am looking fwd to Mid Autumn 2009 cos i heard that i would b able to start playing wf sparks... ;)

Thursday, December 18, 2008

A Bit of Everything

Mummie has got some random shots in her handphone which is abit of everything... so here they are :)Me with my Mary Poppins hat :) Made tis hat in children's church and because it resmbled Mary Poppins and it is one of my fave shows, thus the name... but cos the platic bowl from which the hat was made had a split, it cut my chin ( if you could scrutinize and see ).. thus Mummie threw it away tat same nite... sob...Me and my smiling face! i love smiling faces and totali detest sad faces... whenever Mummie gets upset by my nottie acts, she will draw a sad face on the board and i would go why? And when i apologise, Mummie will draw a happy face which of cos made me veyr happy :)

There was once when Mummie wanted roti prata for supper and thus she threw one sad face and showed to me. So i told Daddie to go and buy for Mummie, i also placed my order of egg prata haha... when Daddie came back, a smiling face was all ready in the living room to welcome him.. hee, thanks Daddie!!! Random shot wf Mummie...
Just few months ago, i finali learnt how to use chopsticks! i use them for my meals nowadays... Been wanting to use chopsticks since very young, always snatching my parents' and wanting them. so now, tis is my PERSONAL pair..
Here's me in my raincoat and my little brolly under the rain.. At one stage, dear me was so terrified of the thunder and rain tat i will cry and get cranky when the skies start to get dark. i will then ask and even shout for Mr Sun to come out!!! so Daddie and Mummie explained that we need rain, else i wont have water to bathe, drink etc.. and one day, while i was gettin cranky again due to the rain, Daddie decided to bring me down to 'play' with the rain.. thus i got changed into the 'armour' and went down splashing and stamping away on the puddles.. it was sooooo much fun! From then on,i was no longer afraid!