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My little Princess Celeste

Mummie has finali decided to set up a blog for me!!! though late, but better than never...heehee... mummie has too much to complain bout me tat she has decided to pen them down for me as evidence in future when i can read...arghhhhh...petty mummie...

Friday, August 25, 2006

Virus attack

24 August 2006

The flu/cough/phelgm/fever virus have come all at a go and launched a powerful attack on me... sigh...
Daddie & Mummie brought me to Dr Ng & got some horrible tasting syrup from him - Medicine. When night fell, Mummie gave me some apple juice while humming : An apple a day keeps the doc away, i threw up. It was the worst vomitting episode ever,i scared everyone cos i was throwing up repeatedly... Mummie immediately called Dr Ng and told him to wait for us to come cos his clinic will be closing in 20min time... we rushed there and Dr Ng said it was good tat i cld throw up the phelgm.

25 August 2006

Fever virus visited. Mummie and Daddie discussed and decided that Daddie shld stay home to look after me while Mummie headed to office to rush out some stuff. Daddie was busy attending to my every whine and updating Mummie on my condition. I could tell they were very worried, esp Mummie. These viruses couldn't have come at a more appropriate time, u see, Mummie is having a BIG test on Monday and i am causing her to lose concentration and she is practically pulling her hair out!

26 August 2006

Temperature fluctuating. Ah yi and Mummie at home monitoring me while Daddie heads to work. I shall work my very best to fight off the viruses and hopefully be well enuf to go gai-gai. *Mattel is having their annual warehouse sale on Tuesday!*

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Thanks Audrey Ah yi...

*muacks* to Ah yi... she has taken some of her precious time to do up some picture posters for me! its looks reali nice..mummie is now wondering if she can develope them into posters and paste in my nursery.. WOW.. i wld think they make the best wall paper..heehee

Pics from the 2 swims i went for so far...gona resume soon, since its after the 7th mth (lunar) and my swim permit is re-issued by Yeye and Nainai ( grandpa & grandma)!

Pom Pom time! Can you see the foam on my head?left behind by my shampoo girl ( Mummie )

Ying Zi Ah Yi was all so excited bout her date wf me.. from the moment i met her, she insisted on carrying me all the way throughout! Mummie was happily walking hands free wf Ah yi while Ying Zi Ah Yi coo-ed over me... even when it was feeding time,be it milk or porridge, she fought with Mummie to do it! can u imagine??? When she can't adjust the position to feed me milk and Mummie had to take over, she was terribly sad...Mummie told her to try feeding porridge later on. So when porridge time came,she reali took over and fed me.. i was co-operative cos i tink if i dun make her happy, no more gai gai next time..*am i smart?* and of cos, i was already hungry and i must say Mummie's porridge skills has improved! i ate the whole bowl and she was raving about it to Daddie over the phone the next minute. no wonder Daddie always say Mummie and Ah yi are like CNN broadcasters...

The pasture always looks greener on the other side..

WOW.. isn't it beautiful outside... can't i go out??

Daddie,Mummie, shall we??

Sob confined...

Watch me!

Everyone is gettin very busy with me that i have mastered crawling... everywhere seems to be 'dangerous' to them.. and in the midst of my self exploring,my guardians aka bodyguards will be hovering around to make sure i dun 'kiss' the ground and get injured.. wait til i can stand and run! they are gona catch me and we can play catching!!! *winks*

on my fours, showing off my newfound skill - crawling

i can sit pretty steadily too... *hiak hiak*

and i'm learning to stand!

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Kitty friend

Its the weekend again! i get to go back home ( yes,my own house at Bt Panjang) and how i love to be home... and this time round,mummie brought Kitty out to play with me! There are loads more she hasn't brought to me,cos i can see many of them but then again,so near yet so far... til then,i just gota wait for stingy mummie to 'share' her toys with me...

Gettin to know each other

Good friends now!

Do-Re-Mi...La Ti Do!

Daddie pulled out this thing out from the very messy storeroom... it was heard to be mummie's.. well, she wanted it but never touched it.. *shake head* anyway,daddie is trying to see if this thing works for me...

Let's does this note sound...*oops* excuse my saliva.. :p

mummie hovering around, she has got no confidence in my sitting up ability...

Let's take a ride in my time machine!

Lets embark on a sneak preview to my newborn pics! These are professional pics taken by my uncle, unlike mummie's poor photography skills which 80% of the time turned out blurred... 5,4,3,2,1...letssssss GO!

Playtime fun fun ..

Playtime!!! tonite my ticklish genes are at its peak! Mummie and Daddie had fun playing wf me too..heehee... we had pillow fighting ( my version ) and i wld fall back on the pillow and break out in giggles...mummie quickly rushed for the camera and manged to get some shots of me in action.It was reali fun,if only mummie din have to go for classes,we can have such fun every night.. * haiz*

Mummie's reply to darling Celeste :
dearest daughter.. if only mummie cld, mummie will love to spend ALL my time wf you.. though at times mummie isn't physically with you,mummie wants to let you know that you are always on mummie's mind be it in the office, in the MRT, in class etc... at times, mummie feel like 'ja-bo' class to b wf u, but daddie forbids it and of cos,its not encouraged *hee hee* precious celeste,mummie loves you!!!

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Vroom vroom...vroom..

15 August 2006 * cool weather day *

Wee!!! i had a real good time today with Mummie & Daddie! they brought me shopping at Orchard, went to Toys R Us and many many toy and children shops... U see, mummie took half day leave and she was supposed to be home studying for her test tmr, but she was so nice as to spend some time wf me first before heading to MacDonalds for some self Daddie drove me to fetch Mummie and off we go! Mummie & Daddie fought hard to resist the many temptations. Mummie had wanted to get me a new dress which was reali lovely at Fox Baby, Daddie wanted the FP fire engine toy which was on sale at $29.90 - BUT, no ... they can't buy... WHY??? my grandma will be hopping mad if they do! there hav been too many new toys n clothes lately.. went home empty handed but nevertheless with a very joyful heart after such a fun filled day!

At Paragon, i got to drive and fly! Look! look! U see U see!!

Sunday, August 13, 2006


This hat called Bandana was Mummie's very wanted item... she travelled to Novena Square to get it from me after missin out on it at the Motherhood Exhibition earlier on... She got both me and Karise one each.. Karise is my cousin who is only 3months bigger than me.. we both stay under the same roof at Yeye's hse durin the weekdays and i simply love playing with her... here's us in our hats...

Jiejie karise,u like the hat?

Mummie,jiejie karise doesn't seem to like the hat leh...

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

I can CRAWL!

9 August 2006

Its Singapore's Birthday today! And it means Mummie can stay home wf me.. its even better when i got to go over to gong gong's hse and ah yi was at home to play wf me... the most happie persons today must be Daddie and Mummie.WHY??? cos i can crawl! Daddie has been trying to get me on my tummy and teaching me & trying to get me to imitate him. ( Yes, Daddie crawled too, and i now am starting to crawl like him..heehee.. )

And also,after eating my very yummie brown rice cereal, i was so contented wf the meal and went MA-MA-MA-MA.. oh my, u shld have seen how Mummie's eyes brightened up! she was happie,excited and satisfied.. haha.. she has waited for this day for sooooo long esp after i started calling PAPA two weeks back. Both Daddie and Mummie are happy now,wats more,it was their 5th wedding anniversary yesterday! Though i had not got to join in their evening outing, Mummie did make an effort to take half day's leave and brought me shopping at Jurong Point.. Haiz... better sometin than nothing rite???

Friday, August 04, 2006


WOW... do u know how hard it is for mummie to capture tis pic?
this camera she has got was bought dinosaur ages back and its only 3.2megapixels...
so it was hard for her to take nice nice pics of me,luckily theres my uncle ( who's a freelance photographer ) who will take pics of my funny antics/new dresses at times...
meanwhile, ah yi told mummie to hang on til uncle brennen comes back fr the US wf his professional camera... til then,i juz have to practice my many poses before the roll-out...

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Mummie's shopping day-wf ME in tow

27 July 2006, Thursday - very bright & sunny

Mummie is stil clearing her maternity leave and thus she was able to make it SHOPPING day! Ah yi also came along, she was on hospitalisation leave.. u may wonder how come she stil can go shopping rite??? well.. ah yi was too well to stay at home! hee.. ( dun let her HR see this )

They took turns to carry me cos my majestic carriage is in Daddie's carboot ( he drove it to work).. i heard them grumbling n complaining bout their very tired arms, in the end,they settled down at Sakae Sushi and sat there for almost 2hrs... i had my biscuit and took a nap there while they feasted on the variety of very colourful food going by on the rollers... * slurp *

*sleepy* just alighted from MRT
the ride was not bad,saw some beautiful scenery...
but i must say - some uncles n aunties in the train not very polite. they din give up their seat to ME! mummie had to carry me while trying to balance...
thank god tat she was quick to 'snatch' a seat when someone alighted..

Biscuit time!

fresh from dreamland... ZzzZZzz

My uncle and auntie...

Ah yee with me in my new Fox Baby hat..
Mummie got it for only $7 after discount..
anyway, it wasn't to her account, who else but Daddie... hee...

This is my Uncle Yandao... can you see that i am liking him very much? *Big grin*
I also like Auntie Yingzi and Uncle Yingming alot..
they got me this romper for $19.90 wfout any complaints!
Mummie liked it alot but on seeing the price tag, turned and walked away... so they got it for me as a pressie... THANK YOU!!! * muacks*
Mummie sure had a way of gettin sponsors from the many kind uncles and aunties i have.... argh...