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My little Princess Celeste

Mummie has finali decided to set up a blog for me!!! though late, but better than never...heehee... mummie has too much to complain bout me tat she has decided to pen them down for me as evidence in future when i can read...arghhhhh...petty mummie...

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Picnic at Botanica Garden - My first time!

22 September 2006, Cool ( but alittle humid after the rain )

Today, Mummie and I are off to an adventure in the garden! The mummies are gathering wf the little cupcakes at the Botanica Garden... Mummie specially took half day leave and brought me there... there were 10 babies in all ( incldg me ).. was fun crawling on the mats and tumbling onto other babies ..heehee.. some of the mummies commented that i am a good crawler *winks* all thanks to Daddie who taught me how to crawl * muacks *

Let me intro to u some of my frens : closewise from me - Sarah, Kirsten, Jing Heng
Look! Kirsten has got a nice sphagetti top, Sarah has got a nice halter top while i am in my dull romper..Mummie, can you do sometin bout it???

Caleb making friend wf me... ONz! we are friends now...

OOOOOOoooPs! Caleb touched my butt and even gave it a squeeze!!!

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Rest & Relax wf Karise Jie Jie

Its the usual 4pm where Jie Jie and I are placed infront of this little square box that plays moving images... Mummie says they are called cartoons... i kinda like the purple dino called Barney... though Daddie hates it! he says its horrid looking..well Daddie.. ur childhood is over..its my turn now..heehee

Jie Jie Karise n I placed in our high chairs in front of the TV

I wana be carried,not seated!!!

Sunday, September 10, 2006

My very first Tricycle!

9 September 2006

Its Saturday and i am at my ah gong's hse... I heard Mummie mumbling to Ah yi bout a very nice tricyle at Sembawang Shopping Centre ( all thanks to Auntie Valerie who told Mummie bout it *muacks* ).. soon aft i woke up fr my beauty sleep,off we went gai-gai...

Where are we going?

Sembawang Shopping Centre? U serious??? Yeah!
*can u see my 2 pearlie whites?*

Testing it out at the shop..can u see tat i reali loved it? Even the shop assistant was saying that i seem very excited! Ah yi was so so so nice ,she bought me my first tricyle !

Me and my sponsorer... I Love my Ah yi...

My jiu-jiu ( uncle ) and I. Hes finali confident enuf to carry me!

First time to East Coast Park

3 September 2006

Remember my earlier post bout my first trip to East Coast Park? The pictures are finali uploaded... here they are... Daddie and Mummie, may i suggest another trip there for a picnic??? you may bring along my Gerber starry sweet potato biscuits, my fave 'bao' ( chinese steamed bun ) and my fave apple juice :) hee hee...

Saturday, September 09, 2006

History tracking - my Full Month

Mummie isn't that organised at all... now then she remembered that she hasn't posted any entry on my very important FULL MONTH! U see,i have alot of people to thank... for all the wonderful gifts... from the personally self made sweater/booties by Auntie Meisee to the very useful highchair im currently using to a very professionally done photo albumwf my newborn pics by my uncle...


I was invited!


I love wedding bells... nowadays the red bombs tat come bombarding at our letter box states my name too!!! The inivtes will state : Mr,Mrs and Miss Niam! haha... i am invited!!! The weddings i attended so far are 3, there will be 3 more on the way til the end of the year... Yippee! Mummie is always very excited bout dressing me up for the BIG event... matching dress wf hairband... she actuali DIY the hairband herself :) Daddie says Mummie is reali proud of me... Can't wait for more to come!!!

Uncle Johnny and AUntie Celia's wedding- i was 3.5mth young

Uncle Keepeng and Aunite Karen's wedding - i was exactly 5mths young

Uncle Kelun and AUntie Veon's wedding.. i was 6.5 mths young..
The couch in the suite was reali so comfy that i gota squeeze in btw Uncle Don and Uncle Zhongren. Ooooopsss..too chor lor...pardon my panty!

Thursday, September 07, 2006

My Great Grand Father

This is my Tai gong aka great grandfather... though he reali is of age,but guess wat, he can pronounce my english name reali well! He doesn't call me by my chinese name but rather my english name,Celeste.. hee :) U know why i am amazed at how taigong is able to call my name correctly??? Cos my Nainai always calls me Select! offence nainai..heehee but i do like the way u call my chinese name :)

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Watch me jump!

13 August 2006

It was party time at Aunite Sophia's house... i met Megan,Darren,Dylan,Christabel and Kaelyn there and we had fun there! Mummie was busy with the tupperware demo while Daddie watched me as i crawled here and there... There was tis toy called Jumperoo at Auntie Sophia's which was soooooo COOL... Daddie was convinced that i should have one but again... Mummie said NO. too many toys,too little space... Dinner was good,the porridge (done by Auntie Sophia) was smacking good,yum yum! Can't wait for the next gathering and meet all my frens again!

Celeste : Mummie,how come Kaelyn's eyes so BIG,and how come mine so small??
Mummie : errr... u gota ask your dad,Celeste.hes the one who is having single eyelids..
Daddie :Its your mummie who din share wf u her double eyelids, Celeste
Kaelyn : Hmm..i better keep mum...

here's the video of me in action ( all thanks to Uncle Darren & Auntie Rachel who bought along a view cam and taped this down *muacks * )

Monday, September 04, 2006

Virus virus go away..shoo shoo..

4 September 2006

Mummie has not been updating blog cos she is so occupied wf me being sick and had totali no mood for anytin. Just last Wed,Mummie brought me back to Dr Ng again cos i was not improving and my phelgm was escalating...

BAD NEWS! Mild bronchitis... Mummie wept on the way home though Dr kept assuring that i will be fine in a few days' time. She did not even stop until evening... i guess she was too worried for me. I struggled and wrestled when its medicine time... it was a tough period for everyone in the family... Mummie took great care of me, and made me yummie tasting porrige during the weekend.With so much TLC ( tender loving care ),i was well on the road to recovery.

On Sun,Daddie decided that i shld get some sun and avoid the usual Orchard Road. East Coast park,here we come! Daddie din trust Mummie's cycling skill,so he was my chauffeur. However,after sometime,i wailed and din wana stop. Mummie had to take over and sang as she cycled along - I Love you,U love me, We are happy family... haha... Mummies makes a better chauffeur cum entertainment. Daddie was so boring... :) After an hour,i slept while in the baby seat.Mummie had to support my dwindling head and continue to cycle.. It was a fun day out in the sun,followed by dinner meet-up wf Uncle Don and Auntie Huifen etc...

PS: Thanks Auntie Huifen for carrying me around,u must have felt sorry that i have to sit in the pram and watch all of you eat.. hee hee

Monday was review time wf Dr Ng... Mummie and Daddie prayed for me before we left. It took only 5mins when we enter n left the clinic. Yipee! I am cleared! Lungs are ok,and everything's fine. whew... mummie can sleep well now...