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My little Princess Celeste

Mummie has finali decided to set up a blog for me!!! though late, but better than never...heehee... mummie has too much to complain bout me tat she has decided to pen them down for me as evidence in future when i can read...arghhhhh...petty mummie...

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Mozzie Mozzie go away

Lately, there have been many many mozzies buzzing around me... and mummie... i have these horrible bites on my face and hand and Mummie believed its not those normal kinda mozzie. cos it causes a little swelling,conclusion - TOXIC MOZZIE ATTACK!

Mummie went to buy aloe vera gel for me and its working pretty slow... but thankfully Mummie and Daddie were able to bring me home sweet home for a week to escape the mozzie invasion. the bites healed pretty well over the week... Meanwhile, before my mosquito net goes up,this is what my parents used to prevent the mozzie from savouring me!!!

does it ring a bell? its exactly wat my granny uses to cover her food from houseflies!
If you are thinking how they managed to get such a BIG one, it was courtesy from Daddie's colic - Uncle Ku who got it back from Thailand for me. It reali came in handy...

The mozzies then turned their attention to Mummie! oh poor mummie, she had 15 bites on her legs,daddie say she can't blame anyone cos - she prayed to God that the mozzies will leave me alone :p

Am i sexy? pretty? cute?

Its the weekends and im home again,my own home sweete home!

Mummie was bored and had nothing to do while we took our nap ( the WE = Me and my weekend nanny Ah yi). YES!! ah yi was taking a nap too, having only woken barely 2 hrs from her night long sleep...! she said even a weekend nanny must sleep when bb sleep )... *scratch head*

Mummie went thru my wardrobe and farther analysed the stack of clothes as to which can be introduced to my CURRENT stock. Manged to dish out a few.. here is one worn for the first time - ON bubble skirt! its pink *again!* Ah yi got her phone cam and took a few pics in an attempt to get my lazy bum Mummie to blog..

Sexy? Ah yi insisted on pullin it down one side to make it a off-shoulder top... the matter of fact is - too BIG! keep it til few months later bah...


Im sure i look very cute here rite??? heh heh.. see my toothy grin...

Monday, October 16, 2006

Loot from Vivo!!!

14 October 2006

Daddie has taken leave today to spend quality time wf me, or so he says...
He heard from his friends bout this new and huge shopping place - VIVO
Vroom... here we come Vivo!!!

Wow,it was super duper crowded! and oh my, the kids' selection there is GOOD!
Mummie was just too busy squeezing in and out of the crowd to see the array of kids' stuff...
Daddie is in for it... Mummie has got her eyes on loads of shops there..
Heard then saying that they will make another trip on a weekday to avoid the human jam.

Nevertheless, here's my loot from Vivo! Push cart @ $29.71...
Cheap and good buy, i love pushing it around and playing wf the little buttons tat play music..
Yippeeee.... I LOVE VIVO!

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

3-in-1 post ( kiddy rides/ teeth / dress )

Date : 7 Oct 2006
Weather : Stuffy and hazy
Venue : Tampines Mall
Mood : So-so ( think i'm teething again,i hav got no appetite for milk lately and Mummie is pulling her hair out again! )

These are the rides i had for the day!

And i am starting to brush my teeth (though oni 2 on record at the moment)

Look at my new red dress which Mummie bot for a real bargain at $5!

Fun & more fun at Marina Square!

First it was Marche at Suntec where Daddie,Mummie, Uncle Don,Auntie Huifen and Uncle Kari feasted on the variety-ful of food... Mummie brot my share too,i had my fave brown rice cereal, Gerber stars & Pigeon biscuits...

Then,they went to Bakerzin for the ever well-loved warm choc cake.. Mummie was supposed to be on diet but as always,she couldnt resist and ordered one to share wf Daddie... I was a good gal, i took a nap til they were almost done and all ready to set off for some shopping... I got to go on the bouncer ride at Kiddy Palace and it was fun,though not as good as the Jumperoo * when can i ever have tat toy?*

Welcome dinner for Uncle Kari

We had a guest from Finland - Uncle Kari!
Mummie and Daddie had got to know him while on their honeymoon trip to Europe in 2004 thru Uncle Don. Uncle Kari even invited them to his apartment where Daddie almost called for the ambulance after 2 shots of Mintu ( 50% alcohol drink )!! Now that he is in Singapore,its our turn to play host...

First meet-up wf Uncle Kari at Orchard

Steamboat cum BBQ dinner at our house

the adults having fun wf their food while I... argh...

..can onli sit here n stare... Boredom!!!

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Some evening fun at West Mall

Mummie met up wf ah yi at West Mall since Mummie was too bored to stay home.. heh heh, tat means i gota go gai-gai :) Ah yi, as usual was more than happy to see me... they brot me to Tom & Stephanie to walk walk. I got to play on the swing,plopped into a basket and into the trolley!!! See below pics for evidence of how Ah yi made fun of me...

We then settled down at KFC cos Ah yi has yet to take dinner.. i was BORED! there was nothing to entertain me!!! end up, i wailed and Ooopss! there were so many uncles n aunties staring and laughing at me... Mummie quickly grabbed a small thinge from Ahy yi's bag to stuff into my mouth... it was Ah yi's Paul & Joe holder for facial oil blotters... i started licking on munching on it much to Ah yi's heart pain ( can hear her whining away to Mummie for forgetting to bring my chut-chut )

Lesson learnt for Mummie today : Chut-chut is a MUST essential!