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My little Princess Celeste

Mummie has finali decided to set up a blog for me!!! though late, but better than never...heehee... mummie has too much to complain bout me tat she has decided to pen them down for me as evidence in future when i can read...arghhhhh...petty mummie...

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Pinky Weekend

Weekends again! More shopping to do... heee
Ah yi stil has xmas shopping to do, Mummie has got my bdae bash shopping to do..yipee!
I cant wait for the BIG day to come :)
btw the way, i am walking! i took over 20 steps on Thursday 14 December 2006...
Everyone at home clapped and i was so proud of myself tat i let out a scream...
how amused everyone were... hee... poor daddy at work, cant catch me in action.
nevertheless,i demo again on Fri morn before he left for work, he was one happie daddy tat day!

New Fox Baby halter dress.. well, it was actuali a top tat came wf a pair of pants
since im stil not big enuf to wear it, Mummie put it to good use as a dress in the meantime..


Ah yi was nottie enuf to put on the latest CK yoyo rings on my tiny finger while i was happily dreaming away in Lalala land... *hmmph*

sigh... Daddie and Mummie trying to get me to walk on my own again...

Its raining outside, Mummie says a hat is a MUST for gai gai...
Ah yi,mummie and auntie Nat clapped and said i was pretty !
oh,im gona keep the hat on then..*Miss Vain in the making*
Note - my little top was bought by Daddie for oni RM$13,passed Mummie's QC tis time..
the other horrible looking romper bought earlier on failed and stil hidden somwhere..
Mummie is determined not to let Daddie find it cos she cant imagine me in it... ah... i wonder if its tat bad... *ponders*

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Jingle bells jingle bells..Xmas is here!

Xmas is coming!
Mummie needs to get some xmas shopping done asap...
so she dragged me along and ah yi was eager to come along too ( she got a long list to shop for!)
*actuali i enjoyed taggin along too,so much to see in Orchard..hee hee *
Daddie fetched us to Taka and shopped wf us for a short while before heading to work..
We saw Mickey Mouse & family there,Mummie thot i will be scared of those BIG dollheads..
but i wasn't.. i even waved to Mickey..
Conclusion - Precious Moments wasn't pretty enough... hiak hiak :)
Mummie said we will all open up our pressies on boxing day,i saw 3 so far.. anyone to add on? :p

This is a new dress Mummie bot recently,she bargained for $1 discount fr the lady just cos it was last piece.. and it only cost her $10! cheap cheap!

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Do i look like a cheerleader?

Nike Cheerleading outfit bot by Ah Yi fr the states...
Do i look cute?
This was taken 2mths back...
Mummie realised she hasn't posted any pic of this beautiful side of me..
Even Auntie Carol said it was pretty and urged Mummie to post it up... :)
afterall, must reciprocate Ah Yi's very good intention rite?
She bot it when i wasn't even born!!! now tat i can wear it, she must be happy to see this post...

Grounded home

Still grounded...
Mummie says best to stay clear of crowded places since i just recovered...
ALl i get are walks at the mini park downstairs, the plaza and nowhere else...
i look forward to a cycling trip one day... Mummie, plsss......

I can feed myself now...i dun need anyone to carry me during milktime anymore!

ARgh!! HelP!!! get me away from here!!!
Mummie took me to the open plaza at Bt Panjang Plaza to see Precious Moments in real person... They look scary! Their heads are so BIG in my very tiny eyes... *sob sob*
There were aunties and uncles all around laughing at me... am i tat funni???

SICK episode

Well, Mummie hasn't been updating cos she had no time and absolutely no energy reserve to do so... i was sick... i caught the cold bug which developed into tonsilitis... Daddie and Mummie were deeply regretful tat they had not brot me to Dr Ng,my usual PD. Not tat they din wan to, PD clinic was closed on Sunday and the following Tues, it was also closed due to unknown reason... so i got to go to a GP. GP din check me thoroughly and my mild throat imflammation led to bad tonsilitis where i ran a high fever of 39.2degree on Fri nite... Immed, my parents rushed me to the car and drove me to KKH. Mummie was so super worried,she prayed and prayed and asked Daddie and Ah yi to take turns to pray for me too...

The prayer - They rather be the ones to suffer,not me.

Wham! They got sick on Sunday itself... All three had tummy upset,Mummie had it worse wf vomitting... argh... Thank god all were fine after a few days. Mummie is just glad the episode is over...

Poor me behind the curtains wailing my lungs out during sponging

after sponging, in tears... *sniff sniff*

Feeling much beta after the medicine, watching Barney VCD at 6am in the morn while waiting for my breakfast...