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My little Princess Celeste

Mummie has finali decided to set up a blog for me!!! though late, but better than never...heehee... mummie has too much to complain bout me tat she has decided to pen them down for me as evidence in future when i can read...arghhhhh...petty mummie...

Friday, January 26, 2007

First Studio Shoot-Out at Foto-U

Halo everyone! I just had my first studio shoot-out at Foto-U yesterday!
My dear parents had wanted to leave some memory prints on my first year...
it was pretty fun cos Daddie and Mummie were swinging me up and down to capture my cheekiest smile...hahahha i was busy walking round n round the studio and everyone gota keep pulling me back into the picture. all in all, i changed into 7 sets of clothes, yes... u imagine how much time Mummie put in to pick these 7sets out... alrite alrite, i know what you all are waiting for... Pics roll-out!!!

*Tennis pro in making...I'm ready! here comes the ball... oh! out of court!*

*angelic shots*

*Playing peek-a-boo in the chair, dancing to Twinkle twinkle little stars..
com'on, lets move it! *

*Gong Xi Gong Xi in advance! *

*In floral ... and wf my first rose :) *

*Family shots...*

Daddie and mummie got to take couple shots too,they reali din expect it! Mummie says it made her think of the days when she took her wedding shots... they also had their casual wear in white & blue...

Sunday, January 21, 2007

DO i have that much hair?

CNY is coming... Mummie has gotten me a very beautiful CNY dress,or rather how she proclaims it to everyone that she bumps into..heehee Daddie and Mummie were at Chinatown having lunch when they spotted it... here's a pic of how it looks like! Mummie had pondered long long on whether to 'disclose' it since she wanted it to be a surprise to those that i will be coming knocking on your door ( please prepare your angbaos hahahhaa ) but then again, Mummie couldn't contain her excitement so here you go!

and wf tat little dress, she is thinking of tying my hair up to make me more cheena looking... not tat i have tat much hair for her to tie rite?!??!?!?!?
but she stil managed to do it anyway, hats off to Mummie...
here's wat she did to my hair -

btw, the dress was a gift from Auntie Veronica - Muacks!!! its reali very pretty, i had so many aunties and uncles praising me... The millions of colorful balls are very good a background shot aren't they? *winks*

here's wat Ah yi did to me during my lunchtime,such a menance!!!

and she continued to snap away,disturbing me from watching Barney on TV..hmmphhh!

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

It's official! I am ONE!!!

Date : 11 Jan 2007
Weather : Little rainy and Little sunny
Programme outline : Sentosa - Underwater World

Yes! I am officially ONE! yipee...
please do not call me baby anymore, im a toddler now :)
Mummie and Daddie had outlined the day to bring me to the Underwater World. It was a little rainy but nevertheless we went much to nai nai's dislike :p she is worried that i will get sick if i go under the rain... but no worry! i was all sheltered and protected by Daddie and Mummie as they sandwich me in btw them under the brolly... it was pretty fun gettin under the brolly and seeing the water going pitter patter on the ground as Mummie sings : Rain Rain go away,Little Celeste wants to play...

At the entrance to Underwater, we bumped into Auntie Tracy and family. Megan was there too in celebration of her first b'dae. Yes, we share the same b'dae as a few of our buds for eg. Daren :) but Daren's itinery was different, he went to the zoo...

Inside Underwater,i was amazed by the many colorful fishes - particularly the HUGE ones... oh my!!! i was shocked by the 'Ju long' translated huge dragon fish! so scary, they were so many times bigger than me! i got all frightened and clung on to Mummie very tightly and cried... the tourists were laughing at me... hmmp! but after some warming up and seeing more of those HUGE kind, i got used to them and went on the travelator twice to see the fishes... it was reali fun... heehee

After Underwater, we went to Robinsons to get pressies then to Plaza Sing for dinner wf Ah yi and Uncle Brennen. Daddie says we have yet to give him a welcome dinner... at Cafe Cartel, i ate bread, drank alittle soup and the yummi Pigeon fish biscuits tat Mummie just bot. The day ended past my bedtime and i knocked out to Lala land while in the car home... sweet dreams await me :)

Pics at Underwater

hmm.. nice fishes...

What's that fish?

I see a stingray over my head...

At Cafe Cartel

Mum mum...

Who's footing the bill???

Friday, January 12, 2007

My 1st Birthday Bash! Wham! :)

Date : 6 January 2007
Venue: Aloha Loyang Seaview Terrace 3-Causaurina
Time : 6pm-9pm

Yes, we arrived at Aloha on 6th to get ready for the bash at nite... wow, i must say the chalet is huge! * kiss to Auntie Regina for helping wf the booking*
Jiejie Karise was very excited too! in fact all of us were... hee
Mummie and Daddie were busy wf the decor while jiejie and i played in the the playroom.. and oh my, there were millions of colourful balls in there!!!
As early as 4pm, guests started arriving... aunties,uncles, granduncle and grandaunties...
And when the cake came, i could see Mummy going all upset and almost in tears!!!
you see, she had wanted a very beautiful cake for me which she even took the trouble to call them up yesterday to make sure it was right BUT... it failed.
The cake came wf oni beige floral decors which totali mismatched what Mummie wanted!
She called Cake Avenue immediately and told them how upset she was tat her daughter's first b'dae cake gota turn out like tis! Luckily the person was kind enough or rather professional enuf to offer to resend the decor in 30mins,which they did...
So, afterall, my cake still turned out pretty and yummilicious! My guests all enjoyed the cake and even asked for more...
of cos i had my fair share and it reali was smacking good..yum yum... *slurps*
i must say a big THANK YOU to all for the wonderful gifts/ang baos / vouchers! :)

My yummilicious cake fr Cake Avenue, gift from my Yeye...

Floral balloons ordered from the cafe at Aloha... Caterer was Neo Garden,same as my first mth's

Family shot... pardon Daddie's messy hair, he had not planned his time to change and groom himself... hiak hiak

Cake cutting...
Celeste ponders: how does this thing work?how come so many teeth on it?

Like my party hat?Mummy bought the tiara but had not time to pin it on for me..haiz... i could hav looked prettier you know!

My very important guests

Auntie Chris and Christine...
They form the 4Cs in poly days - other 2 are Mummie ( Celine ) and Auntie Chian

My jiujiu and Uncle Brennen

Of cos, i must not forget to post a beautiful pic of my ah yi...

Uncle Yingming, Yingdong and Auntie Yingzi
hey, how can your forget to include me in the photo taking?? here i come!!!

Greatgrandpa looking good ya?

Auntie Carol and family came too, and of cos not forgettin my boyfren Caleb..
He saw wat i was watching - Barney and loved it too!

And on Sunday, it was Caleb's bdae bash at Aloha... We met at the swimpool for a brief one..
as you can see, he got me a rose and a pink one somemore! thanks Caleb!
Its now nicely twirled around my cot, Mummie says she shall keep this into "My Firsts" box :)

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Bdae pressie shopping in vain...

2 Jan 2007

Was supposed to meet Yingzi Ah Yi to shop for my bdae pressie but she was so late!!!
she slept late and even overslept in the MRT...
anyway, we went to check out what she could get for me earlier and realised there is nothing for her to get for me!!!

Toys - Mummie say too many liao, no more space
Clothes - Also too many liao, cos Uncle Brennen has bought some fr the States which are in the shipment box on the way back *Note* he also got me a dollhouse which is in the box! cant wait to see it...

Pics fr the Vivo trip

Welcome 2007!

1 Jan 2007

It has been holiday after holiday for my parents, and i got to enjoy their company tremendously wf all the gai gai-ing... hee

look at wat i saw on 1 Jan 2007? isn't it a great way to kick start the year??? *grins*

I promise not to wriggle in the bath tub in future Mummy... *sob sob*

i will be a good girl during pom-pom time... i dun wana get washed in this!!!

Grandpa and me while waiting for ah yi to go for new year's dinner at Sembawang Park

heehee hahaha, i like this swing!

First Xmas - and a very fun-filled one!

25 December 2006

So this is Xmas!
Mummie has been raving bout my FIRST xmas to Daddie and how she wants it to be fun-filled for me... so.... tis is xmas!
yes yes, its so much fun esp wf all the pressies and feasting :)
the first roll-out of xmas celebration started on 23rd wf a xmas gathering wf mummie's frens, 24th was xmas potluck at Uncle Don's house and 25th itself was welcoming uncle Brennen back fr the States at the airport.
I saw big birds there! no??? oh, that's an aeroplane....
then after, we went to check out my Bdae chalet as Mummie gets ready her idea on how to decorate the place...

We waited for Uncle Brennen and Ah yi to come back so as to start boxing day (yes, we did it on xmas day since there isn't any public holiday for us to do so the next day )

Thanks to all uncles and aunties,papa mama for the pressies!
ps: i got a hand knitted white sweater fr Auntie Meisee, she also gave me a smaller hand knitted green one when i was a newborn.... thank you!

Getting ready to 'reveal' my pressies!

How does this yummy looking wrapper taste?
Oops, Daddie caught me chewing off one tiny piece...

How do i look wf my new Barney bag? fits me juz nice and its my first bag!

Mummie says i shall carry my own hanky and magmag fr now on...

Uncle Brennen freshly imported fr the States