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My little Princess Celeste

Mummie has finali decided to set up a blog for me!!! though late, but better than never...heehee... mummie has too much to complain bout me tat she has decided to pen them down for me as evidence in future when i can read...arghhhhh...petty mummie...

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Papa's got me a slide!

yipee! im gona have a personal slide - courtesy of Daddy! :)
Muacks Muacks to my most wonderful papa!
Mummie saw this discount going on and was telling papa how cheap it was but there was absolutely no space to place it if she gets it...
Daddie din even hesitate and told mummie : just get it!!!
Mummie was surprised,thot Daddie wld have thot it was a redundant purchase...
but anyway,since Daddie is the one paying and it was reali a good offer @ $88 instead of the usual $149, Mummie bugged the seller to reserve one for her if anyone cancels their order ( cos it was all fully sold liao! )

and yes! we got it! someone cancelled their order, muacks to tat person too! *sheepish grin*
oh,must not forget to thank Uncle Brennen and ah yi for helping to fetch the slider cos Daddie was at work. Uncle Brennen even set up the slide for me and came to fetch me home to play with it from my grandparents' place. Mummie was in school at tat time. Aren't they awfully nice?

Look! i can play and read at the same time!

Sunny Day at East Coast

4 March 2007
Weather : Sunny

Meeting Aunty Carol,Uncle Keith and Caleb for a cycling trip at East Coast. We met at McDonlads for breakfast where i stole some hotcakes from Uncle Keith while waiting for our share to come heehee... while my parents ate,Aunty Carol brot us out to the outdoor playground to have some sliding fun. Boy was it so so so enjoyable!

After McDonalds, we headed to rent the bicycles. Daddie and Mummie took turns chauffeuring me. The cool wind slapping on my face was reali nice...

I also had fun pointing and pulling the wow-wers ( flowers ) among the grass... sssshhhhh,dun let the garden warden find out that im the destroyer!!! i went to n fro picking and sending wow-wer to Mummie and aunty carol while mumbling away : wow-wer, wow-wer... heeehee,happy day it is!

Gong Xi Gong Xi

ok... i know its late to post this entry but well... wat to do?
Mummie is extremely busy wf school projects and tests tat she's kinda under tremendous stress now... so, for those who have been 'chasing' Mummie to update my blog,here it goes...

tis the 2nd year celebrating CNY but last yr,i know nuts! i was just a newborn all swaddled and oh, so small... tis yr,im aldy ONE and i aldy can run!CNY seems to sound exciting wf Mummie getting all excited bout it :)

Eve of Chinese New Year
- Mum and Dad placed sometin under my pillows which was supposed to be the ' ya sui $$$'.

You don't see it?

Now, you do! The one with Pooh Bear if from my grandparents while the other is from Mum and Dad...

First Day of CNY
- It was a hectic day wf 5 places on the visitation list! i din nap much but was stil reasonably well behaved which Mummie was very proud of.

Here's me wf my great grandpa on Chu Yi... eh,tink mummie tied my hair alittle too high!

Me wf Mummie and Ah yis

More CNY pics to follow later,Mummie is waiting for my shushu to pass the pics to her ...