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My little Princess Celeste

Mummie has finali decided to set up a blog for me!!! though late, but better than never...heehee... mummie has too much to complain bout me tat she has decided to pen them down for me as evidence in future when i can read...arghhhhh...petty mummie...

Friday, April 20, 2007

Swimming with Jie Jie

Mummie was on leave and asked Daddie if we wld wana go swimming... so off went daddie and Auntie Nat puffing away, inflating the 2 floats... 2 floats??? why do i need 2? hee hee :) Jie Jie is coming along too! Nai Nai says she will tag along and see if Jie Jie can start to like the water in a pool. The last time when they put her down in the pool at my birthday chalet, she din quite like it. Anyway, Mummie was all armed wf 'weapons' to make sure Jie Jie loves the water this time round!

but alas! Just when we were all changed and ready to set off, Mr Sun decided to take a rest and Mr Rain came... so we sang: Rain Rain go away, Celeste & Karise wana swim... aft awhile, the sky cleared and off we went! yipee!
Introducing one of the weapons - splashing ladybird ( this was a hit wf the other kids in the pool too, many were curious and some even came and had a feel of it hee hee) Score : 5/5
The rubber duckie is still Jie Jie's fave... it accompained her during pom pom time at home and perhaps tats why she can overcome her fears to enjoy the waters tis time round. Score : 4/5

Overall,it was enjoyable and we actuali swam til it was way over milk time!

I am angry!

U know how kids being kids will love exploring the little corners and every corner of the house???

well, we hopped over to grandpa's house one of the weekends and i got 'barred' from touching the little trophies and fragrance bottles ( mummie used to collect them ). i was angry, i was upset! Mummie pulled me away saying its dangerous! she kept going : No Celeste, No!
i wailed and kicked.. sob, kids do have emotions too u know... i showed them all i was sad...

And i also showed them i am angry!!! I folded my arms across my chest and everyone was laughing and kept repeating : angry? angry? Celeste are you angry?

Dun the adults get it? of cos!!!!!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Letter to Celeste from Mummy

Dearest Celeste,

It has been 15 mths since you came and this 15 mths has been the most wonderful time that has ever happened to your Daddie and Mummie. You brought us much joy with your antics and baby talk… You never know how proud your dad is of you! He smiles sheepishly whenever others praise you, he does insist at times to have your hair tied up in a certain style ( when he is not even bothered wf how messy Mummy’s hair looked! :p ) Your dad misses you greatly at work when he has to work long hours… he actually calls Mummy everyday in the office or on the hp ( weekends ) at 1pm sharp to enquire if Mummie has called home for your latest updates… all we wana hear is that you are eating, playing and sleeping well…

Just last week, Mummie received an sms from your dad saying : Celeste is calling for daddie in her sleep. tat smiling face on the sms tells of how glad your dad is. In fact, tat sms brot an immediate smile to Mummie too… Mummie loves the times you snuggle up beside us during bedtime, how you wake up with that ‘stoned’ look , and the endless pointing to your shoes saying : go! go! Thank you for being our baby, our little entertainer wf the ballet dance, cheeky smiles and all…

Love you!


Thursday, April 12, 2007

Celeste ONE year collage

Ta da!!!

Mummie has gotten Auntie Rachel to do a collage of my FIRST year!
And it looks so absolutely pretty… Awwww….

Thanks to Auntie Rachel for her creative genes… and er.. *whispers* photo shop skills… ssshhh
- she managed to help me edit away an unglamorous blue black mark on my cheek for my mth 11.. hee

Daddie was pleasantly surprised with the poster when Mummie flashed it to him…
It was meant to be a surprise u see
Yeye said I looked like a little princess… Mummie was all so pleased!
Also thanks to my Ah yi for helping to choose the pics wf Mummie, and also for helping Mummie to upload tis entry…

U know, Mummies has been getting bugged and receiving e-mails on why the blog is not updated!

I may be small, but I do have fans! Whahahahahah…

Somehow, Mummie couldn’t blog in office ( wonders if IT has realized tat ‘someone’ is doing private blogging during office hours’ ) :p thus she enlisted Ah yi’s help to blog this entry…
For one moment, she was all so worried tat Blogger has failed her and wat will happen to the posts?

So everyone! Tis the entry tat many has been waiting for… * drums roll *