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My little Princess Celeste

Mummie has finali decided to set up a blog for me!!! though late, but better than never...heehee... mummie has too much to complain bout me tat she has decided to pen them down for me as evidence in future when i can read...arghhhhh...petty mummie...

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

First artpiece!

6 May 2007
Beautiful Sunday

Today is gona be a pretty busy day, i heard from Mummy...
We left home early in the morning and headed to Auntie Sophia's house for some finger painting session. I slept while i was in the car and was still sleeping when i reached Auntie Sophia's house... had to 'lend' Daren's bed for a little beauty sleep heehee..
Soon, i woke up and was all warmed up for the painting session to begin!
Messy fun, as how Mummy puts it...
Aidan and I dipped our hands into the bottles of paint and got all ready to paint! Daren was so professional in holding a paintbrush! Megan was not rather willin to touch the paint, she views them as 'ka-ka' :) Auntie Tracy had to get the colour that Megan wants and paint it for her.. the aunties and Mummy were joking that she is truly a 'royal princess'!
ok, more bout my first painting session... i got paint on my dress, my pretty underpants, my face,hair.. its everywhere!
Mummie made sure i had myself cleaned up befor ei can go attend cousin Ian's full month party... we left early to Yeye's house for a shower and then headed on to Cousin Ian's house...
*sorry for no pics on the party, Mummie was busy running aft me and forgot to take pics, which she has faithfully brot along in her bag... wat a waste!*
Nevertheless, some pics that Daddie took of the painting session :)
Megan gettin warmed up.. Gettin started! The mess begins...
See, i have got colors all over me... heee

Friday, May 25, 2007

Mummie's having fever!

Its that time of the year again... *bored*
Mummie's having high fever... her 'exam fever'!
she's tearing her hair out wf the most hated subject - Audit.
i guess she reali hates Audit cos i have been hearing her tell Daddie how dreadful it was to store so much info into her not so memory free brain...haha
Since Mummie is busy preparing for her exams ,does tat explain my weekends burnt???
fret not!!! Ah yi and Uncle Brennen to the rescue!

u know there are many pple all willing to help Mummie babysit me during this period ..hee
i guess im just too cute to resist muahahahahaha...
to cut it short,my baby sitters brot me for picnic at Botanics, shopping etc... I certainly had fun running to and fro,oh and how embaressed i was to run into a glass door thinking tat i can run through it..* turns away shy *
Luckily there wasn't any baluku else Mummie will have a few strands of hair turning white again... haha

Baby sitting Part I

i'm done... *grins*
waiting for Uncle Brennen's car, acting cute for Ah yi to take a pic

Uncle Brennen feeding me my fave Gerber stars... he sure took great care of me...
Mummie shouts to Uncle Brennen : THANKS for the baby-sitting!

The grass looks so green and nice!

Sashay-ing the catwalk... model toddler? heehee

Picnick-ing under the shade

Celeste : * scratching head* thot picnics are supposed to be in the open and on the grass?
Ah yi whispers : the grass is wet fr the rain earlier Celeste...
Celeste : Oh... ...

Of cos i must not forget a glamorous pic of Ah yi and me!

Baby sitting Part II

Hmm... *pouts* why is Uncle taking so long???

Let's go! I shall like a tin of this...

Ah yi - No, Celeste... you already have got 2 sets of blocks at home!
Celeste : *shrugs* mission failed... no toys tis time round...

Friday, May 04, 2007

Welcome, cousin Ian!

The latest addition to our family tree is cousin Ian!
He arrived on Easter Sunday much to everyone's delight...
Mummie and Daddie went to the hospital to visit him while i was left at home nursing my viral cold... sob sob... thought i cld b there to welcome him wf open arms too :(
nevertheless,i shall wait for his full month to give him a big hug!
Everyone has been praising how handsome Ian looked, wf his little dimples and nice features...
My parents and grandparents commented that he does look a little like me when i was stil a teenie weenie little baby... except tat i din have tat 'cute' dimples..sigh...

Pics of cousin Ian to share:

Cousin Ian @ 1 day old

Daddie wf Baby Ian @ Day 1 in 2007

Daddie carrying ME @ Day 1 in 2006 :)

Workout time at Kidz Explorer!

Its Sunday and weather abit cooling... no outdoor activites on the cards... Mum says its indoors today...

sigh... ... ... but her 'indoors' refers to somewhere beyond our house doors! yippee!!! We are going to Downtown East where they have this place called Kidz Explorer,sometin like a baby gym and play place. We woke up early to go there and had breakfast at Macs... i learnt how to self feed omelette and hotcakes from their trays! Daddie was over the moon while Mummie is so worried bout the fork poking where it shouldnt eg, my tongue, my eyes, my face... as usual, Mum was kan cheong spider... hee hee

so the next item on Mummie's to-buy list : Baby safe cutlery
It was nice overall... i got to go on the slides and climb thru the mazes wf Daddie and Mummie following me ard. They had a great workout as well, sweating away ..heehee
Mummie says tis place shall be useful for not so good weather days... :)

Happy me after success of self feed of omelette :)

WOW! so many balls...
and more balls...

The Zoo!!! And... its Daddie's B'dae!!!

Date : 18 March 2007
Occasion : Daddy Dearest b'dae
Weather : Cool but sunny
Attendees : Mummie, Daddie, Me, Ah yi and Uncle Brennen

Today is Daddy dearest birthday! event packed day... Mummie says its gona be tiring yet fun. First she planned a trip to the zoo... Daddie wonders if its his bdae or my bdae... hahaha anyway,of cos he is still glad to commemorate tis day with my virgin trip to the zoo :) Auntie Nat din come along cos it was her off day... she so regretted agreeing to meet her cousin to go out cos she had wanted to come along wf us too... nvm, Auntie Nat... Mummie says we should be going again soon! esp now that i am learning to recognise the animals :) The zoo trip lasted from 12noon to 3.30pm cos we were all drained and sweaty... Dad and i Zzz away while Mummie had to cook my dinner wf half shut eyes... after the nap,it was dinner with Dad's frens at Merchant Court where they had buffet. Eeks, the durian puree din quite suit me... taste abit different fr the real fruit itself,tink i stil prefer the 'real' stuff! and i was so jealous when Mummie and Daddie carried baby Kemain. i wailed and fussed which had dozens of eyes looking at me... Mummie quickly handed the baby back to Auntie Veon and whisked me away to calm me down... soon, i was running ard the place and playing peek-a-boo wf the diners... they were all so friendly and kept saying tat i looked cute! *blushes*

Animals that drew my attention :

Hippo - I can now point to the hippo and say 'po po'

Rhino - and boy were the rhinos smelly! i was waving my hands and giving them the ' chou4 chou4' look...

Tigers - i went 'raaaa' ( roaring ) with them :) learnt them fr Mum and Dad whenever they flash the pics to me at home

Polar Bear - Bear Bear! but they were huge and i went ' pa4 pa4' ( afraid ) patting my chest away...

Fish - Yu... yu... so excited tat i din even see clearly whose legs i was running into. ended up in the legs of an ang moh lady who laughed away... so embarrasing...

Monkeys - i go 'ah ah ga ga' cos the monkey toy i had at home always go 'goo goo gee gee ga ga' haha

Enuf said, lets roll the pics!!! :)
Celeste tinks : Wait til i get my license 17 yrs later and i shall get Daddie to lend me his car... hee hee
Embarking on our Zoo adventure!
Uncle Brennen was so nice to self volunteer to steer the pram, thanks ar!
Im done wf the yu...lets move on... we stil got loads to see... The white tigers reali look so cool... a pity 2 were Zzz away,the one on duty was oni pacing up and down... if oni it cld roar and let me confirm that Dad and Mum have been roaring correctly..
Best part of the zoo i like is the playground! Mummie promised to bring extra clothings for me to have water play the next time. shall stay contented wf the swing today then! Wee...
Much fun wf Ah yi and Uncle... Mummie and Daddie were secretly glad that they had wanted to come along, cos Uncle Brennen was so ONZ in taking care of me! he carried me to see the little animals when my mum and dad were all drained and sitting at the bench lazing away...
Lets go home now... im tired and need some beauty sleep...