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My little Princess Celeste

Mummie has finali decided to set up a blog for me!!! though late, but better than never...heehee... mummie has too much to complain bout me tat she has decided to pen them down for me as evidence in future when i can read...arghhhhh...petty mummie...

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The day my diaper overflowed…

Mummie thot the pics looked reali hilarious hahahhaha… well, everyone had a good laugh while I was struck wf total embarrassment… * shy away * Daddie, Mummie and I were doing casual shopping at IMM a month ago when I had too much to drink earlier on and peed my diaper wet and I mean, very very wet! Daddie was carrying me when he stopped in his tracks and looked at Mummie saying : im wet… your daughter just peed on me!
Mummie frantically put me standing and smartie pantz her came up wf this adhoc costume to save the day! She din wana get herself wet wf my pee and neither does Daddie want me to dampen his car… sob, its not my fault rite, its theirs! They should have brot a diaper along… which they did not. FYI – they went hands free with oni a hanky and a mag mag :P I reached home and had everyone laughing at me… I was stil trying to smile in tat oh-so-pretty costume…after awhile of wearing it,it din seem tat awful… infact, it looked like a bodysuit! Neighbour Auntie said Mummie was smart to come up wf tis costume… Here is the much talked about costume that Mummie has finali decided to blog about!!!

The adhoc saver costume

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Red PEA Party

What is red PEA?
PEA stands for Play, Exercise and Action!
It is a programme for kids hosted by MacDonalds at the plaza near our estate... Mummie was taking me there for the usual morning walk when she spotted the banner.. so i had lunchie early and headed there to join in the party!
She had me wear the new Bonds dress she bot for me at Taka yesterday.. Boy, i look so sporty! This dress had Mummie thinking very very long and hard... she fell in love with the design when she saw Megan wearing it at the Jan06 Bash... Mummie thought Megan looked so much like a sporty babe ... thus, Mummie drooled and drooled,til she cant take it anymore... her pocket gota hurt a bit haha :) and yes! she cant even wait to have it washed before lettin me wear it... *hope no rashes appear on my little body*
Here we are, gettin ready to register... Registered! my name tag... He looks weird..face is white, nose is red... so he is Ronald MacDonald...
Was rather scared of him at first and kept hugging titly to Mummie and saying : pa pa (scared)
But after seeing how the other kids like him, he isnt tat scary afterall... Lets hear wat hes gona say... The party was themed after Shrek... and in aid of charity, Mummie bot this hairband for $2... See, I have Shrek's ears... and look, Mummie drew a blind mouse on my cheek cos she thot that was the simplest of all among the Shrek gang... She must have scored terribly in her Arts subject... i think i cld draw better! Kay-poh-ing the other kids going about their face painting...
Dancing to the song - Head, Shoulder, Knees and Toes

After so much fun of painting and dancing, i started looking alittle stoned cos i haven had a nap... I headed home,took my precious pacifier and comfort bolster, and PLOP! onto my parents' bed... much bigger and comfortable heehee *yawns* ZZzzZZzzZzzzzz

Friday, June 01, 2007

3 S - Sun , Sand and Sea

Today is a day for the sun, sand and sea... how beautiful is that!
Its gona be my first attempt wf sandplay :) Mummie has gotten a pail of sandplay 'equipment' from the pasar malam at a cheap bargain of $3.3333! The toys were selling for 3 for $10 thus the $3.3333 haha... my 2 other toys were a baby doll tat came wf a bath tub/duckie ( to encourage showertime discipline ) and a mini trolley for my kitchen items... pretty coolz...
We left for ECP early in the morning and had breakfast at MacDonald's as usual... i chomped down on my scrambled egg and hotcakes on MY OWN! u see,i have learnt to self feed wf a fork...
but of cos Mummie will still try to 'serve' the food straight to my mouth at most times to prevent me poking anyhow and anywhere...

Aft filling our rumbly tummies, we headed to the beach where we laid our mats... weather was nice... i started immediately on the sandplay and had myself all dirtied,another kinda messy fun :) *Mummie shakes head* While trying to make sand shapes with the moulds,i attempted to have a taste of how sand is like.. yikes! Daddie hurriedly took my hanky and brushed off the remaining sand fr my mouth... i can see Mummie shaking her head again... uh oh! Lets get tis pail filled up... Unglam me down wf serious work in process - sandcastle building Eh,it seems interesting over there! woo... the water slapping onto my feet feels so coolz... Splish splash!
Lets taste how sea water is like... yikes! tastes as horrid as sand.. except that its so saltish!
OooooooOooooops! i see Mummie shaking head again for the 3rd time.. hiak hiak
Daddie says sandplay gota be shelved for some time cos i am still stuffing forbidden stuff into my mouth... sigh... i was just trying to experiment different tastes Daddieeeeeee!