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My little Princess Celeste

Mummie has finali decided to set up a blog for me!!! though late, but better than never...heehee... mummie has too much to complain bout me tat she has decided to pen them down for me as evidence in future when i can read...arghhhhh...petty mummie...

Friday, November 30, 2007

Dinner at East Coast

Its a Saturday and my parents have decided to bring me cycling since we haven done it for a loong looooooong time.... HOWEVER, due to some dilly dally here n there... we got there considerably late and the sun was gettin ready to set...
sigh sigh sigh...

Thus we headed for dinner at one of the eateries along the stretch... After slurping up my porrige, i actuali asked for some fried rice from Mummie's plate... she was of cos more than happie to share, if it means tat can keep me still for some moments hahaha...
Surprisingly i could hold my spoon pretty well and am able to do self feed now! I do hope the waitresses will not hate me for making a little mess wf the sprinkling of rice grains on their floor :p i will try to do a better job each time ok? :)
see, i can hold pretty well :) even Nainai tinks tat the way i hold my pencils and crayons is very nice... heeUmmmmp! the rice was yummi and i raised my fingers to say: good! Afterwhich, my parents decided to let me have a fun ride on the mini ferris wheel... since i seem to be almost fearless bout everything, Mummie and Daddie had thot nothing of this mini ferris wheel...But they were wrong! of cos everyone has got their own fears!
i am scared of heights... boohoo... i yelled and screamed while the wheel moved us higher and higher.. .Daddie had to ask the lady operator to stop the wheel so tat i cld get out of it before i go hysterical... luckily there was oni me on the ferris wheel else i tink i will reali cry my lungs out should i need to complete the terrifying ride... :(Daddie swiftly calmed me down by rushing me to the playground.. he was literally running to it heehee... indeed the slide was all i need to calm my out of place nerves :) Celeste : Yeah... tis is much better Daddie and Mummie! and its free!!! sorry tat your 10 bucks just flew away wf tat one round on the wheel...
Kiss for Daddie thru the little hole... Mummie was quick enuf to snap tis and thot it was so heart warming...

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

So... i look more like....

Mummie chanced upon tis from my frens' blogs and decided that she shall do one for me... actuali she more or less knows the answer tat the meter will tell but she decided to give it a go to see if even technology tinks the same..hahaha :)

As my looks change, its becoming more of Daddy's face unlike when i was just a newborn, everyone would say i look exactly like Mummie! Is that why people always say : daddy's girl and mummie's boy???

Mr and Mrs Chua

Date : 15 September 2007
Weather : Sunny and cheery
Location : Merchant Court

The long awaited day has come... Its a BIG day for ah yi and Uncle Brennen today!!!
They are getting solemnized today... wow wow...
Preparations for me started early u know. one month before hand, Mummie and Ah Yi has brot me shopping for that perfect dress to wear to Ah Yi's solemnization... We ended at Suntec and got a lovely dress for $49.90, courtesy of who else but the bride :)

On the day itself, Mummie made me nap early so that i will b in the best of mood for the ceremony. i co-operated and napped... meanwhile Mummie rushed to the shopping centre to cut her hair and do her nails... and after spending tat $50 on her nails, i had to do the worst to her big toe... i accidentally stepped on it and the smudge was horrid looking... Mummie screamed and quickly tried to salvage it but to no avail. uh oh... oops!!!

But i made up to Mummie by being extremely well behaved at the ceremony and the high tea which followed. I was utmost friendly and went around to say Halo to the many pretty jiejies... After a long day and out in the sun, i went home tired and slept a long 3 hours, only waking up at 7.30pm for my dinner!!!

Here's the pics to tell the story:
wow, so many floral petals here! i just love flowers and so i stood there under the hot sun to 'admire' the beautiful petals... dun our dresses look similar fr the back view? :)Engrossed with the petals...Mummie and Ah Yi.. Here's the marching in to the solemnization table... Family pic after the ceremony Ah yi and me! Uncle Brennen and me... pardon my messy mouth, was munching on the papaya and water melon hee :) Presenting Mr and Mrs Chua :)

Sunday, November 11, 2007

First Movie - Ratatouille

One weekend, Mummie and Daddie decided to catch a movie wf Uncle Don and Auntie Huifen... so Uncle Don decided on an action movie starring Jet Lee... since it wont be of much interest to me either and Mummie cant bear to leave me home alone... she decided tat she shall sacrifice and bring me to watch a cartoon instead :)
So... my first movie - Ratatouille!!!
It was a 90min show and you won't believe it! Mummie and Daddie found it hard to believe as well... haha... i actuali sat thru it wf oni the occasional fussin in the beginning... after tat, it was all smooth sailing for Mummie... Daddie's movie ended earlier than ours and he sms-ed Mummie : wow, she can sit in for so long! He was expecting to see Mummie loitering outside the cinema wf me... so, my ass isn't tat thorny afterall :)
The blurred movie ticket... Mummie tried to take a pic of tis ticket for many times wf her hp and tis was the best she cld get :p see, wat a coincidence! the seat number was my birth date :)