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Mummie has finali decided to set up a blog for me!!! though late, but better than never...heehee... mummie has too much to complain bout me tat she has decided to pen them down for me as evidence in future when i can read...arghhhhh...petty mummie...

Monday, December 31, 2007

First flight experience -tooooo Hong Kong! - Part II

Day 3 - Halfway into our short trip already... on the itinery today is Ocean Park! Heard Mummie and Daddie saying that there are many fish and sea animals,not forgetting the pandas that i do not get to see in the Singapore Zoo... But before that, my grandparents wana head to a temple tat HK is famous for.. so we headed there and waited for them. While waiting, my diaper overflowed and Mummie had to bring me to a corner to change and after that,went to dry my pants in the toilet using the hand dryer... she has forgotten to bring extra pants out, oops! luckily the dryer was powerful enuf to dry my pants in 10mins and timing was just right cos my grandparents were also done wf their stuff :)

We then proceeded to take a bus to Ocean Park. The ride there was ok BUT the ride back to the city was HORRID! We got caught in a jam and it took us more than 1hr to get off the bus!!! I was gettin so super impatient in the bus cos it was so crowded and not moving... Mummie ended up giving me my pacifier in order to calm me down but i accidentally dropped it in the midst of whining... so, it was a very crowded bus and we were seated at the last parents could not reali reach for the pacifier. There was this young couple who could easily pick it up for me but they pretended not to see and gave that super !@#$%^ look which my parents could not stand! On this, Mummie thinks the chances of someone picking it up for me in Singapore is much much higher than that in Hong Kong... cos so far, no matter wat i drop, there are always nice goody pple who help me pick it up... finali when i managed to alight fr the bus, my nerves were back to normal... i tink i cant be cooped up too long anywhere :P

At the MTR station... Daddie's shoulders are ok today and has reinstated his duty of carrying my necessities bag... so we have a happier Mummie today hahaha

Arriving at Ocean Park entrance... During this trip, i loved to pull my parents and grandparents close to me when taking pics.. i hold them by the necks and near my face affectionately as you can see :)See, i told you.. another affectionate pose heehee...Beautiful weather, blue blue sky... Posing with the seal...tis Hello Kitty cap was a buy from last nite's shopping at Temple Street nite market, timely purchase!Piggy riding on Daddie's back...Colorful marine world.. i kept getting awed by the many many fishes, esp the big ones.. kept going: big big fish! big big fish!Halfway into the queue to go on the tower ride, i drifted to Lala land... weather was cool and perfect for naps.. pity i din get to see the scenery fr high above...haiz.. At this Jellyfish world.. ao many different sizes and colors of jellyfish... i just woke up and thus abit scared at this sudden sight.. see me patting on my chest and going: scared!Gettin ready to board the cable car to the lower region of Ocean Park... this queue to take the cable car is no joke! its close to another hour of waiting... meanwhile, i 'played' wf the group of jiejies in front of me and they were so amused by me! i made lotsa funni faces out of which my best were the 'cutecute' pose and the 'beautiful eyes' where i would blink blink at them... heart melting tactics! haha Wow! scenery is beautiful and wf the cool wind blowing, shiok! i could now say: cable car wf this one time experience.. btw,Mummie doesnt quite enjoy the ride, she was holding on titely to the pole and refused to look ard... tink my guts are much more than Mummie's!Heading to see the panda bears..yipee! Panda loves to eat, just like me :)Had wanted to take the hot air balloon but due to too much wind tat day, it was grounded.. *sobs*There's tis mini hot air ballon where its meant for picture taking.. i just got terrifed and wailed when i stepped into it even tho im stil firmly on the ground... :pAfter a hectic day at Ocean Park, we had dinner nearby our hotel and grabbed our jackets to head up to the Peak. Mummie said its gona be cold and it reali was sooooo cold tat i kept telling them: cold cold dun want! So Mummie tried to make me warmer by tucking me into her jacket like a little koala bear... Mummie said she can hear Ah yi's heart breaking when she tucked me in cos Ah yi confirm heart pain that her jacket is stretched now :p sorie Ah yi!Family pic at the Peak.. Inside the mall at the Peak, much bearable...i dun want cold cold!

Day 4 - Free and easy day of shopping since the past 2 days have been a ME day at Disney and Ocean Park... Sogo was having some kinda sale and Mummie was sooooo excited bout it BUT... i din allow her to leave me so it was tuff for her to do much. So, the winner is Daddie! He actuali got a bigger shopping loot than Mummie... Poor Mummie oni got ONE top for herself and tis was made possible oni when i finali decided to take a nap...

Overall, the trip was fun tho tiring for my Mummie... cos i refused anyone else to carry me or feed me, i oni wanted Mummie... so poor Mummie reali had her wrist sorta sprained at the end of it. And one careless incident to share... we took our own sweet time to have dinner and forgot all bout the time! ended up running to the gate and everyone was boarding already... Mummie carried me in her arms while running and panting away, i kept laughing and chuckling cos i thot it was reali fun! Mummie din know to laugh or to cry then haha... Thank god we managed to board the flight... Mummie had a bad headache prob fr the running right aft dinner so Daddie took over and tried to make me sleep... soon enuf, i slept fr Hong Kong to Singapore... Home Sweet Home... the next morning upon waking in my own bed, i asked Mummie to open the door and pointed to it saying: Ah Nat! I was missing our helper Auntie Nat... once the door opened, i ran out and called for Nat ,giving her a loooooong hug. im sure she must have missed me too :)

End of Hong Kong trip post...

Mummie sighs big WHEW! :)

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

First flight experience - tooooo Hong Kong!-Part I

Sorry all aunties and uncles!!! i know tis is a loooooong overdue post. As mentioned in the earlier post, Mummie has been busy wf Xmas and all the aftermath of the gatherings... so now she has finali sat down long enuf at her laptop to finish off this entry... here it goes...

My parents had wanted to bring me out somewhere on a flight before i reach 2. Infants before the age of 2 get a discount fare u see... so Mummie decided to grab hold of this chance and bring me to Hong Kong where i can also get my first Disneyland experience :) My grandparents decided to come along for a long awaited break too...

Dates of Hong Kong trip : 14 - 17 November 2007
Airline : Cathay Pacific
Hotel : Kimberley Hotel
Weather : Fantastic!

Day 1 -

In preparing for this trip,Mummie was all geared for wat was to come.. she had the 'emergency' backup pack in case i get cranky during the flight. She bot Oreo wafers for me to munch on during take off and landing, had Daddie downloaded a few fave VCD on the PSP to keep me entertained and not forgettin my fave apple juice and soya bean drinks.. im rather easily satisfied wf food thus Mummie couldnt go wrong wf her variety... hahahhaha Our flight was a morning flight and boy was i a good girl! i was rudely woken up by Mummie at 6+ am and i din cry a bit... I ate my breakfast and left for the airport amidst a thunderstorm tat morning... luckily the weather in HK was beautiful as compared to monsoon in Singapore... At the airport, i danced and rolled on the carpet, had so many pairs of eyes looking at me.. end up Mummie had to carry me cos i wont budge... im enjoying the attention! While waiting to board the plane,Mummie din take the priority call for kids cos she was worried i will get too bored to wait for everyone to board... we had a window seat and after the plane took off, i was gettin jittery looking at the clouds passing by so i told Mummie to close the windows... Overall, Mummie graded my inflight performance to be 7/10.

At the airport, a happie me was at Burger King munching on the cheese from my Daddie's burger.Here's me while waiting for the hungry... On arrival at Hong Kong International Airport, a tired and very messy me.. i oni managed to catch a cat nap of 40mins on the flight before i was woken up during landing...
After washing up at the hotel and change of clothes to embrace the cool weather, im ready to go out for my dinner...
Daddie and me while waiting for dinner..
Mummie and I on the colorful streets of Hong Kong
Gettin tired... my MUST HAVE pacifier and bolster... 24/7 ready in my parents' back pack...And now, ready to KO... sleep not enuf!!!
Day 2 -
Its Disneyland we are heading to today!!! Mummie reckons its better to go on a weekday so tat it wont be too crowded... we got up early for breakfast at a nearby restaurant and headed to take the train to Disney... it was such a looooong walk at one of the interchange to switch trains... argh... Mummie din wana carry me! she had to help Daddie take the back pack cos poor daddie had his shoulders sprained.. but after a while, she realised tat its stil better for her to carry than to let me be free running ard and her trying to catch me :) Here's our family waiting for the Disney train.. im tryin to act cute here heehee...On board Disney train... its reali very nice! The train had Mickey Mouse shapes on its doors and windows. there were also displays of figurines in the trains. Here are we holding on to the Mickey Mouse handle... cute rite!Arrived at my first Disneyland! Mickey Mouse logos on the ground... Pic wf my Mummie and grandparents.. me acting cute again ( by placing my fists under my chin )
Splashing whale wf Mickey surfing at the top... its a reali hot day so u see our eyes closing to a line in many pics haha
Entrance tixs to Disney... holding them for my parents and grandparents cos i dun need a tix! Children under 3 go in free... :) isnt my Minnie Mouse hairband sweet?
Xmas in the air.... wat a tall xmas tree!
Mummie couldnt take it anymore, thus she parted wf her HK$50 to rent a stroller there to seat me u can see, i wasnt too over the moon...
this doggie is very cute! its can walk and do somersaults! i like!
Celeste : i reali like tis! can i have it?
Daddie : (turns to Mummie) shall we get it?
Mummie : of cos not! Celeste's novelty never lasts!!!
At Tarzan's house wf Mummie... ooops!Mummie shouldnt have taken tis unglam shot of me being frightened out of my wits wf the jaguar tat tarzan has...*shys away*
Tarzan's xylophone... having a shot at it.Waiting for the rift to bring us back to the land from where tarzan stays...
Taking a ride into Pooh Bear's wonderland... My parents wf Donald and Daisy... where was i???
Lala land... haiz, wat bad timing...In the carrier stil fast asleep... Making our way to Lantau cos my grandparents wana see the Giant Buddha.. just one MTR stop away from Disney but the bus ride up there following takes an hour!!!Windy place... my blur look fresh from Lala landPoor Mummie stil wf tat heavy back pack and me.. in a way,its balancing wf one in front and one at the back heehee... oops, tink my mummie din find it too funny...

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Celeste is gettin more fun to be around with!

By : Celeste's mummie

ok ok! i know i am missing out the post on the Hong Kong trip along with the pics... let me post this first before i get down to a looooong and serious session of blogging wf the slow upload of my many pics k :) ' xian ku hou tian'

When i tink of the little little acts of Celeste, i got so amused tat i wana pen it down for Celeste and ourselves to laugh it off in future... she is certainly growing steadily and picking up very fast!
By saying tat she is growing steadily, i am pleased to see her weight hit 12.5kg on the scales tis month! pretty good weight for a girl of her age. Who is happiest??? of cos its her daddie dearest! Even when Auntie Tracy heard of the weight, she already exclaimed: wow, then her dad must be happie! To which Auntie Carol agreed... u see, tats how obvious her dad's enthusiasm is in her weight figures haha

On the picking up fast part.. gota break down in paragraphs to elaborate liao :)

She loves to imitate flamingoes lately and will stand on one leg wf the other resting on her knee :)

She loves to talk to her bears during bedtime, she will pat her dozen bears and say: sleep ar.. followed by a smooch. :)

She loves to play pretend as a hairdresser... she will use the comb and poke our scalps, hold our necks wf her little hands and tell us: dun move ar... dun move ar... after the poking and combing, she will look at us and ask: pretty ar... ok? as if to ask if we are happy wf her 'styling'. :)

She loves to play catch wf her classmates at her weekly playgroup... she will wait for her frens to slide down and catch them at the bottom. and her frens all enjoyed been 'catch' by her. :)

She likes to 'order' us to put back the things tat we have not put back in place... eg. when i finish gettin her ready for bed, she will point to the items on the bed and say : Mummie, put back put back... :)

She likes to assist Auntie Nat in wiping the floor when she gets it wet, or wipe the high chair top when she is done wf her meals... Auntie Nat says she is a good helper :)

She is almost toilet trained... she pees and poos in the potty, thanks to Auntie Nat's patience in gettin her to get used to it. When she is done wf it, she will stand and praise herself in chinese : li hai ar! ( clever ) to which we must clap and repeat after her :)

She loves to grab her mummie and daddie's neck and pull us together to kiss her, and only in the lift! talk about being discreet... heehee...

She looks at us intently wf her utmost sincerity into our eyes when we tell her we are upset ( pretending of cos :) ) . she will jump up to hug and kiss us on the lips and ask: okay?

That is how sweet our little baby is.. oops, i know she isnt a baby anymore.. she is growing to be a girl... but ytd as her daddie was calling her: my little baby... i corrected him and he said: she is always our little baby... haha... and Mummie has made a little present for her... hope she will like it and handle it wf care...

no, im not so creative to tink of tis idea... it was copied from a forum fren and the moment i noticed the tissues are used up, i immediately grabbed the box and embarked on the art n craft journey... here's my masterpiece for our little baby :) our little baby stil at her 'sniffling of bolster' habit

Her first doll house, was a bdae gift fr Ah yi and Uncle Brennen for her one year old... They felt so short changed! they got it at bout $100 fr US, and now taka is selling it at $79.90... and worse still,toys r us is selling it at $59.90!!! sigh... luckily Celeste likes it alot and enjoys sitting down wf it during the weekends at home, so the $$ isnt reali wasted :)

Daddie bot her a 'baa baa black sheep'..yup, its white and she hasnt realised it :p