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My little Princess Celeste

Mummie has finali decided to set up a blog for me!!! though late, but better than never...heehee... mummie has too much to complain bout me tat she has decided to pen them down for me as evidence in future when i can read...arghhhhh...petty mummie...

Friday, January 25, 2008

My 2nd birthday party!

Time truly flies by... i am turning 2!
Daddie told Mummie tat he would wish to have a BBQ party for my b'dae celebration tis yr and the years following heehee... of cos Daddie would love to have it every year, cos he is not the one who is planning and making sure everything is rite mah... tsk tsk...
anyway, Mummie reali was superb in planning this mini bdae bash for me...we invited our relatives and a few of my frens to come party wf me :)

Venue : Downtown East
Date : 5 Jan 2008

We arrived one day earlier than the party to settle in and get some of the stuff ready... Mummie was a little dissapointed tat we din get a ground floor unit but its alrite... she said she will book way in advance next year so tat we can have an ideal unit :) our unit faces the pool and i was so fascinated looking at it and kept bugging my dear parents to bring me for a swim... too bad weather wasnt too pretty and Mummie said tat i have to wait for karise jiejie to go for a good splashing time the next day... so, i gota be patient... btw, Mummie has been telling me to be patient always cos she tinks im reali super impatient :p

On the day of the party, we headed to NTUC to get some stuff tat we needed for the BBQ. Next Daddie brot me to Kids Explorer. Mummie tinks i will be super tired later and will sleep soon wfout much patting... i am now a 'pro' there and i can climb and slide down pretty well... here are some shots taken there, please do not be too alarmed by some of the acrobatic acts :p This is me 'feeding' the fish before heading in to Kids Explorer...Tis is easy...ok, gettin ready and set...Jump!!!Nice landing, except the little messed up hair... Mummie and Daddie blew up the balloons and decorated the place abit while i napped. When i woke up fr my nap, timing was just right. Jiejie came and we got changed to head to Wild Wild Wet for a splashing good time!!! yippeeeee!!! Here we come...Happie Daddie and me... i tink Daddie was equally happie and excited too, he loves adventure and excitement as much as i do... Whoa! the slide down was reali great!Can you see tat i am reali verieeeeee happie? heeheehee...JieJie into splashing mode...Sky is getting dark... time to get out of the pool le...

While i took my shower and my dinner, my parents and my lovely aunties and uncles were all sweating it out to get the BBQ started... and, ah yi persuaded Mummie to 'illegally' use the BBQ which is right below our unit for convenience sake cos our rightful unit was quite a distance away.. so after much ponder and hesitating, they decided to go ahead!Auntie Nat helping me to tie my hair to look my best for the evening...Here's our pinkie family pics... I love Hello Kitty thus my parents got me this lovely pink cake...poof!poof! attempting to blow the candle, end up it was Mummie who helped me to blow it out.Cake cutting... my guests must be waiting to try this yummi looking pinkie cake :)Yummilicious! Now.... ... tis is the 'free hand standing' act tat my Daddie is very proud of!
Daddie said tis is called " fu nu qing shen" cos it represnts the bond btw us... Daddie secretly told my shushu to snap tis pic before Mummie found out... We do tis often at home much to Mummie's dislike cos she tinks its very dangerous... tsk tsk... i will tell Daddie : step step! and Daddie will stretch out his palm for me to step on... Jiejie karise also likes tis! but i tink it will soon come to a stop cos i am growing each day and soon Daddie's palm will not be able to sustain my weight :p

Cycling date wf Didi Ian

Date : 30 December 2007

Its been soooooo long since we had some outdoor activities...blame it on the year end monsoon, so much rain and rain.. finali as January approaches ,we are seeing more of the sun! yipee!!! so Mummie planned for a cycling on a sunday morning and got Didi Ian and family to join in. It is gona be Ian's first cycling experience! As usual, a cycling trip will always begin wf a hearty breakfast at MacDonalds! Here's me munching on my fave hotcakes and scrambled eg... Mummie emphasizes tat she is the one who always have to 'sacrifice' to order the hotcakes while Daddie gets his usual fave big breakfast... :pDidi Ian: wat's going on? (puzzled look )
Celeste:Tis is called cycling, you will love it Ian!
Mummie taking me for a ride...
And Daddie's turn taking me on a ride, taking a sip of water to re-charge...
Didi Ian in lala land... he fell asleep halfway through the ride..heehee

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Box-ing Day 2007

Box-ing date : 25 December 2007

The day has arrived!
Mummie has been telling me to be patient and more patient... and i have been very good too, obediently placing the gifts under the tree in wait of the BIG day... finali... it came!!!
Daddie, Mummie, Uncle Brennen, Ah Yi and Auntie Nat were all waiting for me to wake up so that we can start the unwrapping process...
Everyone took turns to unwrap and i was the last in queue... i was last cos Mummie thinks im gona create a BIG mess wf the numerous pressies tat i have...
i waited and waited... then my turn came :)
Pressies waiting to be unwrapped!Uncle Brennen and Ah yi looks on as i unwrapped... it sure is taking very looooong....
More clothes... More toys... This Barbie set is from my Mummie, Daddie got me a coin arcade where i can slot coins to my heart's content wfout the pinch of their REAL coins :)
Xmas gifts for me... BIG thanks to everyone who contributed to tis xmas loot :p

Friday, January 11, 2008

Xmas 2007 - Part 2


Gathering #3 - Family gathering at our house on xmas eve... Mummie rushed home fr work ( ended at 3pm after the xmas lunch wf her colics ) to get the food ready while i co-operated by being the absolute sweetie pie playing on my own in the living room... Our guests arrived one after another and the fun began!
jiejie and i had fun on the slide while didi Ian could oni watch on... another few more months to go and you could join us on it Ian! Meanwhile Ian had his own fun by rolling and flipping on the playmat in the living room. He certainly is so fair and chubby! I received more xmas pressies fr my aunties and uncles... thanks so much! as always, i will put them under the tree to pend for the BIG day... its reali making me itch now tat there are sooooo many pressies under it :)
Jiejie and i demo to our guests how we 'help' to clean the house wf the toy vacumn and mop... and we dun miss the dirty corners, mind you! we take our mop and broom under the tv console wor, so dun play play heehee :)

The session ended late close to 12am cos the adults were mahjong-ing away.. and gosh!!! didi Ian did not even have any notion of sleeping and was playing and chuckling away in the room... so i said, xmas is the time to b jolly! sleep can always wait...hahahaMahjong in progress...Winner of the day is grandauntie 5!
Jiejie playing in the 'house'...
Here's me wf my 2 gugus.. oops, tat packet of peach tea was abruptly stolen fr my gugu chaozhen... :p sorie! btw, its reali tasty! heehee
Didi Ian wf his itchy gums.. teething must be hard on you didi... jia you!
Beautiful cupcakes for our guests...
no no no, they aren't baked by Mummie... she isnt tat talented, hahahahaha...
they are given to us by our neighbour, Auntie Sue & Uncle Zul... its reali nice to have such sweet neighbours :)

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Xmas 2007 - Part 1


I simply love xmas... at xmas, i get loads of pressies and i lurveeeee tearing them open :) This year, Mummie decided to upgrade our xmas tree size cos she felt the previous one was too small... daddie voted against it but too bad, his vote doesnt stand hahahahha... Mummie says a big xmas tree is wat she always wanted..

Total number of xmas gatherings : 3

Xmas gathering #1 - it was a small gathering for Mummie and her poly mates...
Pity Auntie Helena and Regina cant make it cos Galvin is unwell...
so there was oni one didi kayden of my clan.. BUT he is stil too young to play wf me :(
when kayden came, i was the big sista caring for him and tryin to sayang him... so sweet rite?hee... i even went to the room to bring out the rocker for kayden to lie down in but too bad, he din reali enjoy it as much as i do... wait til kayden grows bigger and we shall play catch! here's kayden in the rocker

Xmas gathering #2

This year, we played host and invited my pals over for a jolly celebration :)
Caleb was the first to arrive cos he din wana nap in the afternoon... same like me, we oni took an hour's nap... too excited to sleep la!! Soon after Megan and Dylan came... pity tat Daren couldnt come cos he was sick... Dec time is reali a 'sick' month wf many of my pals being sick and me myself just recovered fr a flu... Thank God i recovered fast enuf to enjoy tis festive season wf my frens and family... It was fun playing and 'snatching' wf my pals... my frens liked the fish room where there was oni one luohan fish and one pathetic guppy... Daddie has said tat he will get more guppy fish so if there's a next gathering at our home, be ready to see more fish my pals :)

We had fun playing and the adults also had fun eating... we had a mini gift exchange and i cleverly took the present and placed them under the tree in wait of boxing day :) enuf of talk, lets roll the pics!
Megan sure can sit still... she isnt tat thorny ass like me... Mummie is envious! oh, and i have the same top as Megan, same pretty taste :) haha Happy Caleb in the fish room
Each busy wf our own play...
Photo taking together, but i was not co-operative enuf to sit still for a shot.. see, i told u im thorny ass... Mummie gets envious again...
The mummies get together for a xmas shot
The lovely yummilicious log cake from Emicakes, very sedap!!!

I met Barney, Elmo and Noddy!

Its December school holidays... lotsa meet and greet sessions going on :)
Mummie's classmate shared wf her the list of venues to bring me to meet my fave cartoon characters and boy, was it long! The first session i went to was my fave character, Barney!!!
There was also Baby Bop and BJ but pity Mummie din take much pics cos it was too crowded and we din get a reali good view... nevertheless, i enjoyed the music and seeing Barney in person... When Barney appeared on stage, my eyes literally enlarged by at least 50% according to Mummie hahaha... so she gathered tat reali love such sessions... so who's next???

Second in line was Noddy! i like to watch Noddy on Kid's Central and of cos i was excited on seeing Noddy, Daisy Bear and Big Ears in person... not to forget, i saw Santa Claus too! i kept singing: ji ji dell ji ji dell ( jingle bells jingle bells )

The third and last i went to was Sesame Street - my fave Elmo!
On this, Mummie is sooooo proud tat it was she alone who brot me to catch the show... Daddie was workin and Auntie Nat was on her off day... but Mummie was confident tat i will be a reali good girl.. and so, after my Sunday playgroup, we took the bus down to Orchard. We treated ourselves to a yummi lunch at Crystal Jade courtesy of Daddie hee :p the soup was so yummi there, i kept saying : good soup! Once we were done we headed to watch the show and it was reali nice to see the Sesame Street characters upclose... sorie, no pic for this either cos Mummie was busy making sure i was fine sitting on the wagon of clothes :) her hands were too tired fr carrying me thus smartie her seated me there where i was in perfect view of the stage...
We actuali were seated near the stage but i was somehow terrified.. thus we had to stand along the barricades and watch instead..

See, Daddie and I engrossed with the Xmas story...