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My little Princess Celeste

Mummie has finali decided to set up a blog for me!!! though late, but better than never...heehee... mummie has too much to complain bout me tat she has decided to pen them down for me as evidence in future when i can read...arghhhhh...petty mummie...

Saturday, February 09, 2008

I am Two!!!

Date : 11 Jan 2008
Occasion : My 2nd actual birthday!
Guests : Daddie, Mummie, Ah Yi, Uncle Brennen & Auntie Nat
Venue : Sakae Sushi @ Harbour Front

Today, i turn 2! Daddie and Mummie had not taken leave cos Mummie's work could not allow her to... thus we had our celebration in the evening after work. i got dressed in my bdae gift fr Auntie Danielle.. it was a very very pretty pinkie set of clothes from Chateau... Mummie loves tis brand to bits too... she is aiming for one dress fr there to get for me :) Thanks Auntie Danielle!!!
Here's a happie me arriving at Vivo... Daddie wanted to get my bdae pressie first before we head over... He has decided to get me a table set wf a chalkboard cum magnetic board...
Chanced upon tis tree wf lotsa ladybugs! A pic wf my forever love - Barney and frens!Hmmm... which is nice? Mummie asked me to pick a cake for myself... i kept pointing to the BIG ones and say: tis one big big! but Mummie says NO... a small one will do :pok, tis one then! Its small, has cheese and chocolate cookies on it...looks yummie to me...

'School Bus' kiddie meal for my bdae treat... :) the best part of tis meal is tat is came wf a bottle of Yakult, my fave!Back at home... Daddie quickly fixed up the table which he got for my bdae... Family pic before the bdae song...Eyes closed for wish making... of cos i dun reali know wat to wish for, Mummie made the wish on my behalf... :)Cake cutting... Waiting to dig into the yummie cake tat i chose... i love anything wf cheese!Xmas presents? Noooooo... These are my bdae pressies! Mummie said to wait for my actual day to open them... wow wow.. i simply love Dec and Jan... heeheeBIG BIG thanks to all the lovely aunties and uncles for the pressies and ang baos!

Mummie says : Time flies, my princess... It seems so recent that you came and now you are two! Its amazing watching you grow from a little newborn to the little toddler and now, you are a little girl! The joy that you brought to us is soooo overflowing... Mummie cant forget the day when you were born and the nurse brot you to my arms for the first time and asked : Do you know how to carry? Actuali Mummie doesnt reali know how to, but was so fast in saying a big YES! The moment your eyes met Mummie's, my eyes just got wet... Tho it has been 2 years, but watever about you is always in Mummie's heart... I cant thank God enuf for such a wonderful child like you... Tat is why your name is Celeste for it meant ' From Heaven' in spanish... My girl, May you always be happy and healthy... tat is wat Mummie wished for you... lotsa kisses and hugs...

Daddie says : Daddie is reali happie to have you as my little princess... Whenever you call out: ' Daddie Daddie ' in your most sweet voice, and the times when you ask me to ' Protect!' when Mummie is going to discipline you for climbing up the window grilles,i always feel the best.... tho you keep me busy whole day, even after a midnite shift... i am tired but am stil wanting to spend more time wf u. Some times Daddie wish tat you were asleep so that i can rest a bit,but when u reali sleep and look so peaceful and sweet, i wish to wake u up and play! Tat is how much i love you my little baby.. yes, tho you are no longer a baby, you are stil Daddie's little baby... ( Wf assistance from Mummie in typing :) )