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My little Princess Celeste

Mummie has finali decided to set up a blog for me!!! though late, but better than never...heehee... mummie has too much to complain bout me tat she has decided to pen them down for me as evidence in future when i can read...arghhhhh...petty mummie...

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Happie Daddie's Day!!!

It was Daddie's Day last Sunday... The day before Daddie's day on Saturday, Mummie arranged for a dinner for Daddie and great-grandfather... Grandfather din come along cos he was busy so we went ahead... Dinner was at Vivo and its thai cuisine for a change... Most dishes were spicy thus Mummie ordered fried rice for Auntie Nat and I that was just right for our taste buds. Before dinner was served, we went out to the balcony for some photo taking.. it was windy and i was so happie looking at those ships and cable cars... We had dinner followed by dessert at Ben & Jerry's.. Uncle Brennen promised me ice cream if i will b good and finish up my rice and when i did finish, i got my due reward :)Me being very excited and happie with so much ice-cream, with fingers raised saying : GOOD!Injured??? not reali.. its actuali 2 little scars that are in the process of healing.. Mummie thought my legs din look too nice with so many 5cents n 10cents in a dress... so she bot the cutest plasters she could find and stuck it on.. matched my dress ya? hee... by the way, the scars came fr an injury when i fell on the escalators cos Daddie allowed me to stand independently on it and thought he could catch me in time should i fall... and it proved that he wasnt fast enough :p so, no more! Yeye was also 'scolding' Daddie and telling him to stop dangerous acts wf me.. oops!

On Daddie's Day itself, Mummie decided to surprise Daddie with a present from me.. she typed out a simple message and got me to have my feet imprinted on it. Mummie thinks that it will serve as a good remembrance cos i always do balancing acts on Daddie's strong palms... one day, as i grow bigger, Daddie will no longer be able to support me on his palms... thus this gift to Daddie is undoubtedly sometin meaningful for us... HAPPIE DADDIE'S DAY!!!

Random post

Random post cos i got a few pics that i wana share with everyone!!!
First is this pic that Mummie has been delaying to post of Daddie and I...
its a pic Daddie likes alot.. we look so alike in this pic, don't we? hee...Next... Hello Kitty was in town during the June Holidays and Mummie brought me to watch them.. and it was not just once or twice, i went thrice!!! The first time i went, i was shy and din follow the dance steps and movements, but the second time i went.. boy was i swayin to the music. i din even wait for the host to say get up and i was all up and ready to dance already haha.. and cos i enjoyed myself so much, i went a third time...
Mummie and I at the Kitty show...

Hello Kitty and friends LIVE!

Time for a hair cut!!!

It has been loooong since I had a decent hair cut!!!
Mummie has been wanting and thinking of gettin me to the hairdresser.. but once she airs her thoughts, Daddie will stop her and say he thinks it looks nice enough.. well well, Daddie thinks hair looks nice so long as its loooong... but its not the case!!! everyone thinks i should head to the salon already cos my hair though long, was going a bit 'qiao qiao' at the ends and needs to be trimmed away.. and somehow my hair looks like a 'U' from behind if not tied up..

At Duncan's full month, the other mummies were saying that my hair was so long and asked when my parents are gona cut it.. with so many comments bout it, Daddie still refused to budge.. duh! so one day... while Daddie is working, Mummie brought me on her secret mission to hav it cut :) i was all still and co-operative in letting the auntie cut for me.. while cutting, there was this cute guy beside helping another auntie to cut her hair and i just kept turning to the other side to look at him. end up, my hairdresser turned my chair to face the guy as she goes bout the job hee...

Almost there! this time round, Mummie has asked the auntie for a slanted fringe for me :) looks cute ya? When i was roaming ard the shopping mall after the haircut, there were jiejies cooing bout how cute my hair is.. this cuteness shall stay till it gets long ( which is pretty soon ) and it will get straight again :p

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Sa-wa-di-kaaaa!!! - Part 2

Part 2 of my Bangkok trip as follows :

Day 3 is shopping and more shopping... Mummie and Daddie hav not bot anythin much and they are dying to get rid of their bahts!!! We had breakfast afterwhich we took some pics at the super spacious lobby...We then went to Platinum mall which was supposed to host many good buys since its a wholesale shopping paradise but Mummie din manage to get much there... firstly it was a HOT day and also cos i was strapped to her, causing shoulder and back aches... oops! Daddie isn't able to keep me in thus Mummie was kinda responsible in carrying me... Here's me strapped in with Mummie... when all else fails, sweets always works! Daddie spared me some of his Smint and i was licking and slowly savouring it.. After a day of shopping its finali meal time... here's us at a japanese restaurant having steamboat and sushi... best of all, they serve free flow ice cream! yummie!!!It was a loooong day of walking for my dear parents thus they found this place to let me wander and play while they rest their soles...Back at the hotel having some snacks while watching Discovery Channel... Sitting comfortably on the bed until... ... Mummie came along and wanted to share with me... and Mummie takes super huge servings each time thus i quickly shifted to sit on the floor so as to save my last snacks... heehee

Day 4 - Its the last day of our trip in tropical Bangkok and the day of our home sweet home return... today we are all armed to head to the HOTTEST place in Bangkok - Chatuchak!!! but as u can see later, i wasnt appropriately dressed for it cos i dirtied my shorts earlier on and thus had tis last piece of dress... sigh...Daddie and I stopping for a pic at the fountain before brekkie... i sooo love the fishes and never fail to rush there to see them every morning im there...Fell in love with bacon.. yummie... but Mummie wouldn't allow me to take more cos it was saltish... seems tat Daddie and i share the same taste buds! watever Daddie likes, is wat i like!At Chatuchak market... reali very HOT! i was all sweaty and smelly... after a little while, my parents also couldn't take it and took their leave... but then, wat i like bout Chatuchak are the animals tat i saw... absolutely cute! saw squirrels.. but they were pitifiully leashed ard their tiny necks... and little puppies tat somehow wont jump off fr their open baskets...

Mummie says : On this puppy thingie, must mention sometin funni bout cel.. think she rem wrongly the color of this dog that she saw going : ah ah ah! it sounded as if it was laughing and i agree tat it was so cute! and whenever we talk bout it, she will ask if i rem the white dog and i would go: NO! tats a brown dog! Celeste would always look at me wf a frown and say NO, its white... and if i insist tat its brown, she will ask me if i am sure... hahaha... Stopping by a drinks stall for a cooling coconut... here's me focused on my 2 new toys - magnetic crabs. i stuck them onto any rod poles tat i see and it sure kept me busy...Yippee!!! Back at the air conditioned hotel... whew... it was soo super unbearable at Chatuchak... One last ice cream treat before we head back home... Daddie says i must have truly enjoyed the trip wf all the ice cream i have been eating for the days tat we were in Bangkok...All changed out of the sweaty clothes tat smell of Chatuchak hahaha... waiting for the transport to head to the airport so we decided to take a family pic at the hotel entrance

Mummie says : Upon checking out, the receptionist handed me a bill tat stated the cost of a face towel at 50baht = S$2+. i was going : No, check again... why would i wana take your face towel? so the receptionist without much asking went to stamp on the bill ' chargegs rejected' and got me to sign on it. Guess wat... ... the next day back in Singapore, Hubby came to me wf tis little white face towel in his hand and said: Your daughter must have thrown it in so we DID take the face towel...

gosh,dunno to laugh or to be angry.. anyway, must make it a point to lock the luggage so that Celeste will have no chance of doing such things in future... soooo embaressing!!! and wat's with tat face towel? not tat it has any Barney or Hello Kitty cartoons on it... *faintz*Well entertained on the flight with daddie's PSP with my fave Barney shows...

Tho short as the trip is, it was truly an enjoyable one with much ice cream and family bonding time... :)

Monday, June 02, 2008

Sa-wa-di-kaaaa!!! - Part 1

Sa-wa-di-kaaaaaaaaaaaa everyone!!! I am back from my getaway :) Details of my little break as follows :-

Jet off on : 21 May 2008
Home Sweet Home : 24 May 2008
Jetting off to : Bangkok

This time round, its just Daddie, Mummie and me! yes, just our little family :) and it was certainly the bessssstttt trip so far cos we got to go by our own timing, sleep later than usual... cos when we were in Hong Kong, there was pressure to wake up earlier so that we wont keep my grandparents waiting for too long... heehee... so we got much rest as well as much play... and yes, this was a little reward trip to Mummie for her farewell to her studies...

On the day of departure,i kissed goodbye to everyone at home and left for the airport in a super happy mood... Prior to the trip, everyone at home has been asking me :where is the aeroplane taking u? where are u going to? and my reply was always : JAPAN!!!
somehow, Japan sounded nicer maybe also cos my Nainai juz came back fr there recently and i must say Japan has reali nice sakura chocolates *slurp* so everyone started correcting me that its Bangkok... so i see... Japan has gota wait for me then *shrugs*
Mummie and i at the airport... im rather sleepy by now cos its past my naptime...
Mummie's shoulders are where i always choose to lie on BUT i will always ask her to shift her hair aside first before i paste my face on it hahaha
While waiting for the flight, Daddie had a little snack at Burger King and there was this mini playground beside. Here's another daredevil stunt by Daddie and I where i was supposed to jump down and let Daddie catch me * Mummie's heart skips a beat *

Waiting to board... At this point, Daddie n Mummie told me tat they are scared of taking the airplane so i told them : Dun be scared, celeste will protectDaddie Mummie! and i held them by their necks close to me and gave them a pat on their back...

Mummie says : of cos we aren't scared! just trying to boost up our little one's courage hee..

During take off, it was a variety of snacks for me that ranges from cheese sausages to soya milk and gummy sweets! Mummie was so worried when i started dozing off while the plane was still ascending in the skies, in fear that my ears will hurt.. i slept thru out the journey and oni woke up close to landing... By the time we checked into our hotel, it was close to evening so we quickly dropped our bags and went to the nearby mall for dinner...Daddie 'clamping' my hands so that i wont touch the super hot steamboat :) After dinner, we went to the supermart to get some chips and mineral water and its off to bed... gota rest early for some shopping the next day!Rise and shine! After a nice hot shower, we scurried down for brekkie cos we were starving... Yumie! i like food! oh oh, wana mention that lucky me saw a squirrel while waiting for Mummie to get food for me, how nice...After a quick change of clothes, we walked to the nearby MRT near our hotel... OK, this picture is for 'show' only... sigh... we din get to see the ocean world cos we had wanted to com back aft we shop alittle but ended up it was too late cos we were rushing back for a dip in the pool... anyway Mummie thot it wasnt worth it cos the tix cost bout $30+ per adult and i nid to pay as well... Hong Kong Ocean Park is much better in comparison wf the amusement park and all included in a tix. u see, people doing accounts are thaaaatttt calculative!Yeah!!! best of all and most enjoyed and wat makes tis the besssst trip was cos i got to eat ice cream everyday!!! Mummie always feeds mini scoops but daddie is always the generous one who feeds heaped spoonfuls :)Pasta for lunch... had 2 different kind from Daddie n Mummie's plate, accompanied by chicken wings..Was at World Trade Centre and saw this lion from Nania... it was rather big and i was kinda scared to stand near it...Me in my new swim suit bot by Daddie... oops, pardon my rather messy hair :pMe playing 'catch' wf Daddie..was running in n out of the pool and hiding near the bar counter tat Mummie started to worry bout me catching a cold... the wind also started to get strong thus we headed up for a shower and got ready to head out for dinner..Local foodfare for dinner... i had fried rice and chicken soup... grouchy me posing wf Mummie . im hungry and Mummie still insisted on taking a pic wf the colorful food.. * Hmpf! *

Part 2 of my Bangkok trip will come later k.. b right back :)