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My little Princess Celeste

Mummie has finali decided to set up a blog for me!!! though late, but better than never...heehee... mummie has too much to complain bout me tat she has decided to pen them down for me as evidence in future when i can read...arghhhhh...petty mummie...

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Studio shots - 2008

By Celeste's Mummie :

30 August 2008

Today, we went for a photo shoot at Foto U after our last shoot in 2007. That was when our little princess was turning one year old. This time round, it was with special meanings that we came for this photo shoot :)

Special meaning #1 - 8 August commemorates the 10th year that hubby and i have known each other, 9th year we have been together and the 7th year we have been married!!! 7 yr itch? hee... very itchy thats why went to book this photo shoot to preserve the memories hahaha :) wat's more, there's our little girl celebrating this special 10th year with us...

To Hubby : Happie 10th year Baobei Hubby! Thanks for being my wonderful husband and Celeste's wonderful daddie :o

Special meaning #2 - 28 August is the day i am graduating from my 2 year part time course :) it hasnt been easy, really... my baby was still young then and had it not been initiated by my boss, i wont think i would have started on it... close frens hav been predicting that my tap will flow on convocation day. well, i almost did but i held back.. as i was waiting for my turn to be conferred, i thought back of the times i had to rush to school, do projects and gettin away from my then infant Celeste... was telling hubby that i must have neglected our girl during this course but he was all defensive and said i had been spending pretty much quality time wf her and that explains how close the bond my girl and i share.. okay, feeling less guilty then.

Am glad that this course has ended and am enjoying every evening with dearie Celeste now... going home is sometin to look fwd to, with her standing at the gate and giving that very very happie look and saying : Mummie! i miss you! she will open the gate for me now and give generous kisses before walking me to the room to change out of my office wear. she's reali such a sweetie... hubby said our girl has been reali 'deh' lately and we are now enjoying her like never before .. oh ya, wana thank my family for the support during this period, esp my hubby and my dear dear sista and BIL... thanks for helping wf Celeste whenever i need her to be out of my sight,else i cant study!!!

okay, enough said bout the purpose of this photo shoot, here comes the pics :p

This daddie never fails to do this dangerous stunt wf Celeste yet again... :s
Been waiting to take tis pic together wf sis,pity BIL was not able to make it tat day. but then again, when he graduates next year, they can take it together.. eh, can we come along for your shoot? haha, juz kidding ya... Loved tis pic to bits! the oni few solo pics of Cel and when i gave the duplicates to her grandparents, they were equally pleased and adored this pic the most...
oh, let me intro the little piggie Cel is holding... its name is PInkie and its actuali MINE! hubby bot it for me when i was preggie then and now she refused to pass it back to me.. and when i asked if i can have it, she looks at me wf a pout and tat pair of innocent eyes saying : you cannot share wf celeste? haha...

we did this shot last yer when cel was one... she was sooo co-operative and posed pretty well..
this year... * refer below *
tis year was abit tuff to do the same,not tat we wanted to do the same pose. somehow, the photographer got us to do it... tuff on daddie cos he gota support both our weights, tuff for me cos i gota make sure Cel doesnt fall off.. even harder for Cel cos this thorny backside cld not sit well for the pic! tis the best we can get, pretty candid though... :)
Solo pics for Cel were so much lesser this time cos she doesnt want to take pics alone.. well, photographer was also saying it gets harder as they get older.. so its family pics galore tis time...